Zebrafish Diet

Zebrafish are fed a varied diets that provides complete nutrition for all life stages. The fish receive a combination of specifically formulated dry feeds and live feeds. The diet is aimed at maintaining excellent fish health, improving growth and preserving good reproductive performance. The swimming behaviour of the live feeds also provides environmental enrichment by encouraging the natural feeding behaviour of the fish.


Zebrafish Fry Raising

Zebrafish fry are capable of independent feeding at 5 days post fertilisation (DPF), if kept in water at 28oC. At this stage the fry are kept in 3.5L tanks of system water and fed the appropriate feed, as the fry grow and become capable of eating larger food particle sizes their diet is adjusted.

  • 5-10 DPF rotifers and Gemma micro 75
  • 11-31 DPF Artemia and Juvenile powder mix 75-200
  • 32+ DPF Artemia, Gemma micro 300, Zebrafeed 400-600