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Collaboration is at the heart of what we do. Our team of partnership experts can work with you to develop innovative, bespoke recruitment strategies that will have real impact. Our staff are highly experienced, informed and well-connected throughout the University


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Meet the team

Tracey Hill - Employer Engagement and Placements Manager

Email: t.a.hill@sheffield.ac.uk

  • Ensure that employers; build strong, lasting relationships with the University, create opportunities to raise their profiles, access the skills, knowledge and expertise of our students and graduates, and connect with the wider University
  • Manage the provision of support for employers, students and academic colleagues engaging in placement and work-based learning activity

Michelle Dexter-Lowe - Events Manager

Email: m.dexter-lowe@sheffield.ac.uk

  • Plan, manage and deliver a programme of events enabling employers to promote opportunities to engage with our students and graduates
  • Ensure our varied programme provides innovative ways for employers to connect with their target audience, physically and virtually
  • Manage our employer newsletters as well as designing and developing effective promotion for our employer partners, ensuring they attract the right students at the right time

Grace Armstrong - Events Assistant (on secondment)

Laura Talbot - Employer Engagement and Placement Officer (Regional)

Email: l.talbot@sheffield.ac.uk

  • Support employers in the Sheffield City Region to access talent at the University through short-term projects, placements and internships, graduate jobs or engagement with a particular faculty or department
  • Predominantly work with smaller organisations advising on schemes and initiatives that support these types of businesses with recruitment
  • Work closely with other regionally-focused staff across the University thus can provide a thorough overview of how your business can work more closely with, and tap into the support available at the University of Sheffield
  • Support employers, students and academic departments with the delivery of our Degree with Employment Experience (DEE) placement programme

Mari Brazil - Employer Engagement and Placement Officer.

Email: m.brazil@sheffield.ac.uk

  • Research, engage and support employers who wish to connect with our students and graduates assisting them to develop and implement a strategy for their recruitment
  • Support organisations who wish to liaise and work with the Faculty of Social Sciences to enhance students’ employability and skills and recruit said students
  • Secretary to the Military Education Committee, providing support to the units of the Officer Training Corps, maintaining links with both Sheffield universities
  • Support employers, students and academic departments with the delivery of our Degree with Employment Experience (DEE) placement programme  

Cheryl Moss - Employer Engagement and Placement Officer

Email: cheryl.moss@sheffield.ac.uk

  • Engage and collaborate with employers across the country, building and sustaining relationships supporting recruitment strategies and providing tailored packages
  • Work alongside the Faculty of Science, facilitating employer engagement, encouraging employers to assist in the development of our students employability skills and promoting placement and graduate opportunities suitable for science students.
  • Support employers, students and academic departments with the delivery of our Degree with Employment Experience (DEE) placement programme

Yiyun Ling - Placement and Sheffield China Gateway Project Officer

Email: y.ling@sheffield.ac.uk

  • Plan and implement activities to develop our international students’ employability skills
  • Support companies that are developing trade with China by linking them with Chinese speaking students to help them fill skill gaps
  • Support Chinese employers in their efforts to access and recruit Chinese speaking students/graduates from the University of Sheffield

Ellie Shepherd - Employer Engagement and Placement Officer.

Email: ellie.shepherd@sheffield.ac.uk

  • Focus on working with international employers or employers who wish to demonstrate excellence in the diversity of their workforce
  • Facilitate employers looking to engage with the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, where they can support students’ employability and connect with students 
  • Support employers, students and academic departments with the delivery of our Degree with Employment Experience (DEE) placement programme

Matthew Watts - Employer Engagement and Placement Officer.

Email: m.watts@sheffield.ac.uk

  • Support employers wishing to recruit student and graduate talent from our Faculty of Engineering (including Computer Science).
  • Create and enhance long lasting relationships with employers by working with them to develop personalised engagement plans, raising their profile and attract the right candidates
  • Keen to support employers who can offer year-long placements due to close work with our Faculty Year In Industry Engineering Team to promote these opportunities
  • Support employers, students and academic departments with the delivery of our Degree with Employment Experience (DEE) placement programme

Case study

FinancialForce is the leading cloud ERP provider on the Salesforce App Cloud.  The company builds innovative business applications and is one that cares a lot about employee satisfaction. It believes in finding employees who want to come to work every day with new ideas and who are ready to get inspired and be engaged.

Working closely with FinancialForce (or the FinancialForce team) has meant that the Careers Service could understand the qualities of the student they were looking for. In addition, working with the Department of Computer Science whose students are highly sought after, meant that the job advert was adapted to include first year students.

FinancialForce.com has been pleased with the results:

We have been able to reach high quality and engaged students whilst increasing our brand awareness across the campus. We attended an event on campus and this has resulted in us recruiting a summer placement student. We have found extremely helpful, professional and friendly employees in the careers service.


Likewise, the benefit for students at the University of Sheffield has meant that they have been given an opportunity to apply for a vacancy they may not have been previously aware of.

I found out about FinancialForce via an email from the Placement team. The internship being offered looked perfect so I started the process of applying immediately. Three interviews, a lot of research and hard work later I was offered the job. I'm having a great time here and really value the experience that I'm getting. I'm pleased I put in the hard work to get a placement in my first year.

David Moodie, First Year Computer Science

FinancialForce.com looks set to continue to grow as the top player in the enterprise cloud application space.

If you’re an employer wanting to recruit a student for a placement please talk to us, our experienced staff are on hand to to discuss your needs and provide support.

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