Develop Your Academic Skills


Academic skills are those skills that you will need to get the most out of your programme of study. Your academic skills will include the ‘hard’ skills specific to your discipline including research skills, maths and statistics skills, using particular software and communicating information academically; but they will also include a range of ‘soft’ skills like time management, organisation and critical thinking. 

In all cases, the skills that you develop on your programme will form an important part of your skills portfolio and will be valuable beyond university. You can record your progress on your academic skills in MySkills as your work towards developing the full range of Sheffield Graduate Attributes.

Academic Skills

Take the Academic Skills Audit to self-assess your academic skills and identify priority areas for development. It takes around 5-10 minutes to complete the audit and it will provide you with a summary of the resources available to work on your top-three skills needs. You can retake the audit as often as you like to identify how your skills have developed over time and to identify new priority areas to work on.

Graph from skills audit

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Academic Skills Services

The following services provide resources and support to help you to develop your academic skills:

301 Academic Skills Centre

301 provides workshops, 1:1 appointments and online resources to enhance your academic skills for success on your course and beyond. Visit the 301 webpages or drop into our reception to book onto a session or find information and advice on maths and statistics, managing your time, assignments, exams, communication skills and much more.

  • Academic Skills Workshops
  • Maths and Stats appointments
  • 1:1 study skills tutorials
  • Study Skills Online

301 is open to all students from all levels of study and you can work towards the Academic Skills Certificate to gain HEAR recognition for your skills development activity.

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The University of Sheffield Library

The University Library is here to support you in developing your research and critical thinking skills as you discover and create information. We provide access to the world’s knowledge through over one million e-books, 60,000 journal titles, and over one million print volumes.

Explore the library’s resources and use our tutorials and webinars to develop your skills in discovering, understanding, questioning, referencing, creating and disseminating information. 

We also deliver teaching in the curriculum and are here to help when you need us.

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The English Language Teaching Centre

The English Language Teaching Centre (ELTC) offers a wide range of English language courses and services for University students and departments, as well as the public. Whether you are interested in studying at the University, are a student already or are simply looking to improve your English, our activities and resources could be for you.

The ELTC is housed in a purpose-built facility which includes modern classrooms and well-equipped computer suites, as well as advanced audio-visual equipment and learning resources. Our staff have experience of teaching international students in a wide range of locations and situations, both in the UK and overseas.

The following services provide resources and support to help you to develop your academic skills:

  • Full time and part time English language classes
  • English Language support classes
  • Writing Advisory Service
  • Online language support

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Creative Media

Creative Media are there to support you in communicating your work through the production of high-quality audio, video and online content. 

  • We provide bookable spaces, computers, software and recording equipment you need to produce audio and video creative media.
  • We provide training, support and best practice advice to help you get started and ensure the content you produce is high quality.

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