Terms and Conditions of Engagement for Employers

The Careers Service aims to promote employers and their opportunities with efficiency and accuracy, whilst working in the best interests of current students and graduates of the University. This relates to organisations looking to advertise vacancies and/or engage with students on-campus or remotely


1. When engaging with our service, you are required to:

• Provide us with complete and accurate information about your organisation and/or vacancies

• Provide us with as much notice as possible prior to your closing date for receiving applications

• Comply with all relevant legislation when advertising and conducting the selection process. Further guidance can be found on the ACAS website www.acas.org.uk or helpline 08457 474747 and, in the case of health and safety legislation at www.hse.gov.uk

2. The Careers Service reserves the right to edit or remove vacancies or decline participation in events and activities at our discretion which it reasonably believes not to be in the best interests of either students, graduates or the University. In particular, this will include organisations and/or opportunities which:

• Promote or endorse illegal activity

• In our judgement, requires an unreasonable financial outlay by the applicant and/ or require employees to make use of their personal bank account for purchases/sales

• Are involved in the manufacture of tobacco products

• Are connected with a ‘pyramid’ , ‘network’ (or similar style) selling scheme

• Involve writing or reviewing academic course materials

• Require the taking of medication or other forms of treatment, such as participating in drugs trials

• Compromise the health and safety of students eg unsupervised 1-1 working

• Promote salaried positions which do not pay an hourly rate that meets the national minimum wage

• Promote unpaid positions lasting more than two weeks, excluding those that:

- constitute part of a student’s academic course

- are from registered charities

- are based outside the EU

• Pay a salary or other type of reimbursement/ in-kind remuneration which is solely based on results or incentive- based schemes eg commission-based work or the awarding of points which can be exchanged for rewards

• Are submitted by private individuals

3. For the avoidance of doubt, the University of Sheffield does not accept any liability whatsoever which may arise out of the content of any job advert or the recruitment of individual applicants who may not be legally entitled to work in the United Kingdom. It is the responsibility of the employer to check the right to work of applicants.

4. The Careers Service is unable to provide advice to employers on legislation relevant to the recruitment of non-EEA nationals. Any queries should be addressed to the UKBA or to an appropriately qualified legal adviser

5. Recruitment agencies advertising on behalf of clients, must supply the client’s name and participation in events and activities by agencies will be at the discretion of the Careers Service.

6. The contact details submitted by employers will be stored by the University of Sheffield on our CRM system - Career Connect, and will be used for the purposes of supporting your engagement, in line with GDPR.

7. The University of Sheffield is unable to provide employers with details of students and graduates who may be suitable for particular posts.

8. The University of Sheffield does not accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever for the performance and/or behaviour of students and graduates either during the application process or as employees or workers of an organisation.

9. The Careers Service does not enter into negotiations about contracts of employment between an employer and prospective employee. For paid positions, employers are expected to provide employees with a copy of a written contract of employment.

10. The University of Sheffield will bear no liability for any loss, damage or delay arising from the delivery of services to promote an employer or their opportunities.

11. For vacancies that require students/graduates to work in their own home, it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that they have a Home Working policy that adheres to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. For further guidance, employers can refer to the Health and Safety Executive website

12. Employers advertising Brand Manager or related vacancies on campus will be required to adhere to additional terms and conditions of advertising such vacancies.

13. Employers should expire their vacancy advert on Career Connect or notify the Careers Service when the post has been filled. The University of Sheffield reserves the right to amend, replace or revoke this policy from time to time without giving prior notice.

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