Brand Manager Policy


The University of Sheffield Careers Service aims to provide a high quality integrated guidance information and vacancy service to current students and recent graduates of the University.  While recognising it also serves a number of other people and organisations its primary client groups are the University’s current students and graduates.

Students and graduates can expect to access a range of vacancy information appropriate to their needs and aspirations.  The Careers Service recognises that students undertaking and reflecting upon periods of work experience, including working in ‘marketing’ and ‘promotional’ positions can enhance the development of employability skills and capabilities.  However, there are times when some activities give rise to concerns and complaints within and around the University.  

Conditions of Advertising

The following conditions developed by the Careers Service in agreement with the Union of Students aim to reduce the potentially negative effects from students working in a manner which could cause concerns or disrupt the functioning of the institution’s core activities.

The Student Jobshop, run by the Careers Service, will only publicise a vacancy which involves promotional activities on the University campus which is deemed, at our discretion, to be of a ‘marketing’ and ‘promotional’ nature if:

  1. The student employed makes contact with the Union of Students Advertising and Sponsorship team prior to commencing any marketing or promotional activities.
  2. The work being undertaken will not, in our judgement disrupt the normal business of the University, eg announcements in lectures etc.
  3. The work will not involve the distribution of any products around the University/ Union including accommodation/ halls (unless otherwise agreed by a relevant University or Union of Students department).
  4. The work will not require the student employed to make any inappropriate use of the University’s IT facilities - this includes the use of their university email account and PCs in computer rooms.
  5. The products advertised are not, in our opinion, likely to damage the reputation of the University or its student body.
  6. The employing organisation has appropriate Employers Liability Insurance.

The Student Jobshop will require written confirmation that the employing organisation agrees to abide by our Conditions of Advertising. On receipt of written confirmation the vacancy will be advertised. Written confirmation will be required for each individual vacancy.

The Student Jobshop reserves the right to refuse to advertise or to withdraw vacancies from organisations that breach these conditions.