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Are you a Sheffield graduate? Can you share your experience and help a student? Whether you’re a Bank Manager in Birmingham, a Solicitor in Sheffield, or a Town Planner in Tokyo – you can make a real difference to Sheffield students on our eMentoring scheme.

Become a mentor - shape the future talent

Our students know there’s no better way to explore their employment options than by talking to someone actually doing the job.

Register as a mentor and you can share your valuable experience while developing your own skills at the same time. Plus, you’ll be strengthening your links to the University and our pool of motivated students.

As a mentor, you will
  • Communication via email and/or Skype – we know our mentors are busy people
  • Flexible schedule – typically one exchange per week, for eight to ten weeks.
  • Two schemes per year, operating October-December and February-May.
What can you bring?
  • The answers to these questions: What does a particular job involve? What are the skills required and the challenges? What’s the recruitment process?
  • Advice on how to gain and present relevant experience to employers.
  • Support with CV’s, interview tips, networking and getting ‘work ready’.
What can the scheme offer you?
  • Personal and professional development.
  • A new perspective – look at your job with fresh eyes.
  • Profile raising for your company and a pipeline to our graduate talent.
What students say

"My mentor has been really helpful in giving me an insight into the field and showing me that it is not as daunting as it may first seem. They have helped me to feel more confident in my own abilities and shown me how to utilise the skills I already have to make myself a better candidate."
Final year Hispanic Studies student

"I would highly recommend the eMentoring scheme to other students. It enabled me to clarify what sector I want to go into and figure out what roles would be best suited to me. My mentor also helped prepare me for post-graduation life, helping me with applications, my CV and doing practice interviews."
Final year Journalism student

"I highly recommend this scheme to everyone, not only from the perspective of searching career option but also to network with these bright individuals. I feel very motivated and have built more positive outlooks into my future".
Second year Biomedical Science student

"It is one of the most beneficial programmes I have undertaken in my academic journey."
First year Law student

What mentors say

"The programme is an excellent opportunity to share experiences and work with highly motivated students who are preparing the first steps in their professional careers."

"I would wholeheartedly recommend the scheme to students and alumni as a rewarding and enriching experience for both."

"A very rewarding and enjoyable experience. Very well managed and coordinated by the professional, responsive and helpful Careers Service staff. I wholeheartedly recommend this programme to students and alumni."

"It doesn't take a lot of time or effort to be a mentor and yet you can make a big difference to the students you are supporting. It's good to feel you are really helping a student at the University of Sheffield."

I’m interested, how do I apply?
eMentoring timeline - what happens when

Spring 2023 eMentoring timeline:

  • 6 February - Student Applications OPEN
  • 24 February - Student Applications CLOSE
  • 13 February - 3 March - Mentee Inductions/Matching
  • 20 February - 28 April - Mentoring Contact Period
  • 28 April - End of Programme
  • 19 May - Evaluation and Nomination Deadline

eMentoring Awards 2022

This year we have facilitated over 450 eMentoring partnerships between a diverse range of students and mentors from a wide range of professions. We have loved hearing your stories.  eMentoring provides students with a fantastic insight into different industries and provides an excellent volunteering experience for our dedicated mentors.

Thank you! - We are especially thankful to our alumni volunteers; we truly appreciate the difference your time makes to our students’ lives and their student experience.

After reading through your nominations, we are thrilled to share with you the winners of the 2022 eMentoring awards.

Mentor of the Year – Niall Hatchell, Project Manager, Adelphi Real World

Niall committed his time to the mentoring scheme, helping me to improve my skills and get the job I want. He is honest, always willing to share his knowledge and experiences that may help on my career path.

Niall helped me a lot with my huge confusion about my future career. Our discussions directed me towards possible career pathways giving me a clearer vision and feeling calmer about my future. Through the mentoring scheme, I received help with comparing my skills and experiences with companies’ requirements. Niall was a person who made me believe that what I have is enough to secure a graduate job.

My mentor went beyond my expectations. Niall gave me precise and personalised advice and I was always looking forward to our catch-ups. During the scheme, he stayed positive and encouraged me to research and gain knowledge about the companies and roles. Moreover, he offered his help after the scheme finishes, to make sure I succeed after graduation."

Antonina Swierkowska, Biomedical Science, Final Year

Mentee of the Year – Amy Wheatley, Sociological Studies, UG1

Amy has been extremely committed to and enthusiastic about the scheme throughout the full duration of the mentorship.

Amy came to each meeting prepared with aims and questions.  She made notes during each of our sessions and followed up on all actions from each meeting.  Amy took on board the information, advice and guidance that I gave, including creating a LinkedIn profile, a jamboard of career ideas and has started volunteering with a local charity.

Amy has made excellent progress in terms of gaining knowledge, skills and confidence. I have really seen her come out of her shell and develop as a person. She has gone out of her comfort zone to engage in new opportunities such as volunteering and networking.

Amy has been a wonderful mentee and it has been a real pleasure to have had the opportunity to mentor her. I have no doubt that she will be very successful in her studies and career."

Holly Ellis, Ministry of Justice Employment and Training Consultant, The Growth Company

Highly Commended – Yixi Li, English, PGT

Yixi was excellent with her communication, following up and setting up the calls. She was very sincere in implementing a lot of what we spoke about in every single meeting.

Confidence was a key area of growth for Yixi. One of the major aspects through our chats was her lack of self-confidence. We worked on various real-world ways around Sheffield to help develop that and I've seen her blossom inspiringly on that front.

Yixi is talented, bright and capable. She is also extremely sincere and works on herself and her development in a way that will take her very far in her career and life in general. She also has this positive curiosity about the world around her which, coupled with her increasing confidence levels, makes her a strong candidate to bring about a palpable positive change in the environment around her, be it at work or in society in general."

Arya Yuyutsu, Founder, Creative Head, FortyTwo

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