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Chemistry courses at the University of Sheffield are built around cutting-edge science that’s addressing big global challenges. We’re training our students for a future where plastic isn’t wasted in landfill sites, where antibiotic resistance no longer threatens lives and where nanoscale technologies have revolutionised daily life.

All of our courses are accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry, so you’ll cover the fundamental knowledge that every chemist needs for a successful career. But there’s a lot of flexibility too, so you can tailor your degree to your interests, your career goals and the global challenges you want to help solve.


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We've been working hard to make our lab classes safe for our students during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this short film, you can see how we're running face-to-face practicals in one of our laboratories, and learn about the safety measures we’ve put in place to keep our students, staff and community safe.

We have three large teaching labs where you'll spend time during your degree: one for organic chemistry, one for inorganic chemistry and one for physical chemistry

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In lectures, you'll be able to learn essential chemistry from recognised experts and get insights into the latest research. Below, you can watch an online taster lecture by Dr Anthony Haynes on the transition metals.

Inspirational academics

Prof Tony Ryan in the Jordanian desert as part of the Desert Garden project

Professor Tony Ryan, who leads our first year sustainability module, has been using innovative polymer chemistry to help Syrian refugees grow fresh food from recycled foam mattresses. Recently, a BBC News film crew followed him to Jordan's Zaatari refugee camp to learn more about the project.

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Professor Julia Weinstein

Professor Julia Weinstein is one of the scientists behind the Lord Porter Ultrafast Laser Spectroscopy Laboratory, founded in memory of Nobel Prize winner and former University of Sheffield chemist George Porter. In a feature for our website, Julia explains more about the ground-breaking research being carried out in the lab.

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More staff news stories:

Research spotlight

Killing antibiotic-resistance superbugs

Professor Jim Thomas found a new compound that visualises and kills antibiotic-resistant superbugs. The compound targets gram-negative bacteria strains that can cause infections including pneumonia, urinary tract infections and bloodstream infections.

Using light as a ruler to measure the molecules of life

Dr Tim Craggs has shown that by using the photophysical properties of dyes, it's possible to measure distances within individual molecules of DNA and proteins. In this talk he gave to A Level students across the country, he explains how.

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