Undergraduate student profiles

Our current and former students share their experiences of studying with the Department of Chemistry.

Thomas Duddles

Chemistry provides a strong pathway into the scientific world and offers flexibility

Thomas Duddles Chemistry BSc

Thomas was driven to study chemistry by a desire to understand 'why'.

Shoubhik Maiti

I got a taste of the real research work that is being done in the department

Shoubhik Maiti Chemistry MChem

Shoubhik came to Sheffield from India and transferred onto our Chemistry MChem from the BSc so he could do an extra year of research training. It's prepared him for a PhD at the University of Oxford.

Oliver Parry

The fourth year project really was the highlight of the whole degree

Oliver Parry Chemistry MChem

Oliver enjoyed committing a large amount of time to his research project in his final year, and developed a strong scientific intuition throughout his degree.

Shona Fielding

The chemistry course at Sheffield is a really good foundation for many careers in science

Shona Fielding Chemistry BSc

Shona moved into teaching after her chemistry degree, and is now taking a masters course to prepare for a role in renewable energy.

Zeyu Lin

The support of the teaching staff has enabled me to succeed

Zeyu Lin Chemistry BSc; Drug Discovery Science MSc

Zeyu Lin did his undergraduate degree in chemistry at Sheffield, then started on our Drug Discovery Science MSc to train for a role in the pharmaceutical industry.

Zhiheng Song

My experience in a chemistry lab was a reason my PhD supervisor took me on

Zhiheng Song Chemistry BSc

Zhiheng has followed his undergraduate degree in chemistry from Sheffield with a PhD in the USA.

Juliette Craggs

Writing about the latest scientific discoveries

Juliette Craggs Chemistry with a Year in Industry MChem

During her placement year at GSK, Juliette realised she wanted to use the skills she had gained to pursue a career in science communication. She now works as an account manager for SCIAD, a life science marketing and communications agency.

Jasmine Catlow

Pursuing a career in artificial intelligence research

Jasmine Catlow Chemistry MChem

Working on a summer research project with the university between her second and third years introduced Jasmine to a research environment, and her masters project helped her to develop the skills she needed to carry out PhD project of her own.

Harriet Priestley

I got the knowledge and confidence needed to pursue my professional career

Harriet Priestley Chemistry with a Year in Industry MChem

The skills Harriet developed during her year in industry at Scott Bader lead to her being awarded the Brocklehurst Prize at graduation. She is now living in Perth, where she works as a polymer research and development chemist.

Fourat Keskin

My year abroad in Sydney was rich with new experiences

Fourat Keskin Chemistry with Study Abroad MChem

Fourat spent a year of his degree studying in Sydney, Australia. Since graduating, he has stayed on at Sheffield to do a PhD in organic chemistry.

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