Security of Advanced Systems

The Security of Advanced Systems Research Group carries out fundamental and applied research in cybersecurity. We draw on expertise in correctness by design and in machine learning and are building wider collaborations with high technology domains.

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The Security of Advanced Systems Research Group investigates fundamental theory together with the development of practical tools and techniques for securing advanced systems that will play a critical role in societies worldwide. They carry out fundamental research in cybersecurity and collaborate with leading researchers across the Faculty of Engineering and beyond to bring our cyber expertise to bear in domains of critical importance, e.g. robotics, autonomous systems, and advanced manufacturing systems.

Our security expertise covers all aspects of systems that are secure by design. These include security policy and requirements, architectural design, security verification, security testing, and formal analysis of security properties. We also research a wide range of methods for security analysis, e.g., for the detection of covert channels and reverse engineering. This is complemented by leading expertise in artificial intelligence, allowing us to research, for example, intrusion detection and the automated synthesis of cryptographic algorithm building blocks and secure protocols.

Our group will be at the centre of collaborative efforts across the University regarding cybersecurity. Sheffield has tremendous long-standing strengths in particular areas of technology, particularly robotics and autonomous system and advanced manufacturing, areas now facing highly significant cybersecurity challenges. We believe that our cybersecurity expertise coupled with the domain expertise in some of today’s most critical technologies puts us in a unique position to make an impact. We can do fundamental and applied research informed by real world problems.

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