Genesys: our student-led software development organisation

Our masters students operate Genesys as a professional software development organisation, the first one of its kind in the UK, where they form customer-facing teams to build custom web applications.

Three Computer Science students in discussion.

The students are supported by staff from epiGenesys, a subsidiary company of the University that specialises in agile software development for the education and health research sectors.

Genesys gives you the opportunity to gain industrial experience with considerable personal responsibility. It offers the chance to:

  • Work as part of a team in a professional software engineering environment
  • Engage with real customers to discover business opportunities
  • Apply agile software engineering practices and make use of industrial tools
  • Boost your employability by gaining experience in areas such as process improvement, project management, software testing, and user experience design

Each year staff from epiGenesys identify challenging themes for Genesys to focus on. Recent options include:

  • Personal fitness in an ageing society
  • Experiencing the arts in the modern-day
  • Self-directed learning
  • Securing personal data

Genesys shares dedicated office space with epiGenesys. This provides our students with:

  • Professional facilities for collaborating with other members of the organisation
  • Easy access to advice and guidance from software engineering practitioners
  • An opportunity to observe and interact with staff from a real software company

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