Andreea Niculcea

UG student Andreea Niculea
Andreea Niculcea
Undergraduate student
BSc Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science with a Year in Industry
Andreea describes being at the University of Sheffield as an inspiring environment and believes that working alongside people who thrive to do their best and aim for the better has changed her perspective of the world.

Why did you choose to study for your degree at Sheffield?
There are plenty of factors involved in making such a decision but mine was easier than expected. I never really planned on studying abroad, I always had this idea but just never made things concrete so when I happened to go to an international universities fair whilst being in my last year of high school and had the chance to talk with several spokesmen of different universities, my plans started to get some shape. By far, Sheffield has swept me off my feet. After I found out details of how Computer Science was like here, the diversity of the modules I was gonna do and the strong bonds the University has with people in industry it was clear for me that this was my place, and here I am!

What aspects of the degree do you enjoy the most?
Computer Science here is a mixture of a variety of programming languages, from object-oriented to functional ones, AI and machine learning techniques, robotics and bio-inspired computation, software engineering and computer architectures and security. Equally distributed between individual work and team projects, having to do your own research, time and project management and event client interaction, I like everything about my degree and I am even more passionate about it. I also get to develop plenty of skills, and not just technical, but also transferable ones that I used in my volunteering projects and that got me through plenty of interviews!

How do you think your degree will help your career prospects?
Studying this degree here already had an impact on my career prospects. I have completed a 3-month summer internship in software engineering at a local company in Sheffield and the experience helped me in my second year a lot. 

I have recently been in the process of applying for my year in industry and I realised that the quality of the modules we do here and how relatable they are to real-world problems, the way we are assessed, both individually but also through a lot of team projects, made me stand out. All my assessment centres have been successful and in about 2 months I am starting my new job!

Andreea Niculcea

Undergraduate student

We do a variety of modules, as I listed above, and all of them are being used in the real world and bring invaluable insights into the field. The luggage of knowledge is there, teamwork is constantly being practised through group projects that teach not just more programming, but project management, how to deal with client interactions and so many others. All of these will make the journey to a professional environment less scary and much smoother.

What do you like best about studying at Sheffield?
The people, the city, the exposure to multiculturality, the confidence it has given me, the way it pushes me daily to get out of my comfort zone, everything. Sheffield is an inspiring environment and being around it all the time, next to people that thrive to do their best and aim for the better has changed me, made me mature and altered my perspective on the world. I love having the chance to learn such diverse things, to get involved in extracurricular activities (volunteering in my case), to constantly meet new people and to develop old and new skills every day.

What are your future plans?
As for the future, I do not have too many defined plans, I am going with the flow. Trying to do my best in the present and taking chances that appeal to me. Hopefully, it will lead me to where I am supposed to be. I am going to start my year in industry in a few months and I am hoping that it’s going to be an experience that will open doors and give me a clear insight into what specific area of the field I’d like to go into after I graduate.

Any tips for new students?
Embrace the student life at the University of Sheffield and get involved. Anything the gets your attention is worth giving a try and trust me, there are so many options you will need 8 days a week to fit them in your schedule. Enjoy it. Being a student who wants do well academically is nowhere near easy, but hard work always pays off. Seize the opportunity and take it, getting out of your comfort zone might seem daunting at first but it will always lead to better things.