Journal publications


Journal papers published by the ESRs

  • Shreyas Srivatsa, Paweł Paćko, Leon Mishnaevsky, Jr., Tadeusz Uhl and Krzysztof Grabowski (2020) "Deformation of Bioinspired MXene-Based Polymer Composites with Brick and Mortar Structures: A Computational Analysis" DOI
  • Srivatsa S; S Kumar; K Grabowski; P Jain; M M. Nayak; T Uhl; P Sen (2020) "Numerical and experimental investigations of pure MXene(Ti3C2Tx) film and MXene nanocomposites for structural health monitoring" DOI
  • Tsokanas, N.; Wagg, D.; Stojadinovic, B. (2020) "Robust Model Predictive Control for Dynamics Compensation in Real-Time Hybrid Simulation" LINK
  • Simpson Thomas; D Giagopoulos; V Dertimanis; E Chatzi (2020) "On Dynamic Substructuring of Systems with Localised Nonlinearities" Preprint LINK
  • Simpson, Thomas; Dertimanis, V; Papadimitriou, C; Chatzi, E;  (2019) "On the Potential of Dynamic Sub-structuring Methods for Model Updating" LINK
  • Srivatsa S; P Belthangadi; S Ekambaram; M Pai; P Sen; T Uhl; S Kumar; K Grabowski; M M Nayak (2020) "Dynamic response study of Ti3C2-MXene films to shockwave and impact forces" LINK
  • Tsokanas, Nikolaos; Stojadinovic, B (2019) "Design of a Controller for Physical Substructures in Stochastic Real-Time Hybrid Simulations" LINK
  • Simpson, Thomas; Dervilis, N; Chatzi, E (2020) "On the use of Nonlinear Normal Modes for Nonlinear Reduced Order Modelling" Preprint LINK
  • Simpson, Thomas; Dertimanis, V; Papadimitriou, C; Chatzi, E (2020) "On the Potential of Dynamic Substructuring Methods for Model Updating" Preprint LINK
  • Pasparakis, G. D., V. C. Fragkoulis, and M. Beer. (2020) "Harmonic wavelets based response evolutionary power spectrum determination of linear and nonlinear structural systems with singular matrices" DOI
  • Simpson T, Dertimanis VK and Chatzi EN (2020) "Towards Data-Driven Real-Time Hybrid Simulation: Adaptive Modeling of Control Plants" DOI

Publications by DyVirt partners

  • Larson, Karen; Bowman, Clark; Papadimitriou, Costas; Koumoutsakos, Petros; Matzavinos, Anastasios. "Detection of arterial wall abnormalities via Bayesian model selection" 2019 DOI
  • O Sedehi, D Teymouri, LS Katafygioti (2019). "Quantification of Aleatory Uncertainty in Modal Updating Problems using a New Hierarchical Bayesian Framework" Page 1. 13th International Conference on Applications of Statistics and Probability in Civil Engineering, ICASP13 Seoul, South Korea, May 26-30, 2019 DOI
  • Daniz Teymouri; Omid Sedehi; Lambros S. Katafygiotis; Costas Papadimitriou (2019). "A New Online Bayesian Approach for the Joint Estimation of State and Input Forces using Response only Measurements" 13th International Conference on Applications of Statistics and Probability in Civil Engineering, ICASP13; Seoul, South Korea, May 26-30, 2019 DOI
  • Papadimitriou C. (2020) "Optimal Sensor Placement for Response Reconstruction in Structural Dynamics" In: Barthorpe R. (eds) Model Validation and Uncertainty Quantification, Volume 3. Conference Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Series. Springer, Cham DOI
  • Omid Sedehi , Lambros S. Katafygiotis and Costas Papadimitriou (2020) "Hierarchical Bayesian Operational Modal Analysis: Theory and Computations. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing" DOI
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