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Our seven academic departments are our powerhouse for training research scientists of the future. We house key interdisciplinary institutes and centres that bring together expertise and ambition to facilitate research at all levels.

Science research centres at the University of Sheffield: A-Z

We have world-class facilities that underpin our work. We are outward facing across the University and beyond, without boundaries to ideas and interactions.

Research themes

We have four strategic themes, from the fundamental to translational. They are drawn from our rich history, our skills and experience, and are framed around our critical mass of excellent research. They portray our aspirations, acting collectively, to address grand challenges.

NanoscienceNanoscience and

How can we create advanced materials for future technologies?

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Life processesThe process of life

How is life generated and maintained?

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A sustainable worldA sustainable

How can we sustain our
planet and feed the
world’s population?

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The universeThe structure and principles of the universe

How does the
universe work?

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You can also explore the full breadth of research taking place in our seven academic departments on their research webpages: