Adam Goodband

Adam GoodbandStrategic Planner, Emotive (digital healthcare agency)

"Today I work as a Strategic Planner for a creative digital agency specialising in healthcare. We work on a wide range of projects, including patient support websites, mobile and tablet development, strategic landscaping and gamification – all with a core scientific focus.

"The job is varied and a solid scientific background is essential. One of my favourite things about the role is that every day is different. We work across many therapy areas, such as diabetes, oncology and pain management. I can spend the morning working on a virtual reality for diabetics and the afternoon on a newspaper for neuropathic pain management.

"The job requires a number of core skills that I developed during my MSc in Science Communication. Probably the most important of these is writing – high quality written communication will allow you to stand out in almost any industry. Other key skills I use in my day-to-day role include primary literature analysis, presentation development and delivery and analytical and critical thinking.

"Having a Masters degree in Science Communication allowed me to position myself in an exciting and growing field. The degree is an excellent combination of unusual and reputable – making employers take notice and giving you a competitive edge in the workplace.