Pension triple lock impact modest, report finds

The impact of the state pension triple lock has been exaggerated and the policy should be maintained over the long term, according to a new report by the Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute (SPERI).

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More time spent online makes children less happy with their lives

Children who spend more time social networking online feel less happy with a number of different aspects of their lives, according to new research by the Department of Economics.

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Scientists discover networks of lakes and streams on Antarctica’s ice sheets

Vast lakes and streams are widespread on the surface of Antarctica’s ice sheets according to new research published in Nature by an international team of scientists.

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Uses and Abuses of Economics in the Debate on Universities - Martin Wolf CBE

On Wednesday 24 May, Chief Economics Commentator at the Financial Times, Martin Wolf CBE, will examine the logic underlying the government’s current higher education bill for this year's President and Vice-Chancellor's Annual Guest Lecture.

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Greening Grey Home

Students help professor build RHS Chelsea Flower Show flagship garden

Students from the Department of Landscape have assisted Professor Nigel Dunnett with building elements of his flagship Greening Grey Britain garden at this year's Chelsea Flower show.

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Parliament home

Sheffield Solutions brief: A Recipe For Parliamentary Impact

Kate Dommett, Marc Geddes and Brenton Prosser have produced an academic guide for effective engagement with Parliament.

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