Multilingual children’s book section opens at Sheffield library

Children across the city have the chance to read books in languages from across the world thanks to Sheffield Central Children’s Library’s new multilingual section.

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New project investigates road lighting and the effect on safety

A major research project will study how to optimise lighting on main roads to enhance drivers’ abilities to detect potential hazards and reduce the number of accidents.

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University ranked in Times Higher Education world top 100 for social sciences

The University of Sheffield has been ranked as one of the world’s top universities for its teaching and research in the social sciences by Times Higher Education.

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Young adults are more Thatcherite than their parents, study finds

Two-thirds of Britain’s young adults aged 25-34 embrace Margaret Thatcher’s values and show support for the former Prime Minister’s policies and beliefs, according to new research into the legacy of Thatcherism.

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Draft Brexit deal: What the experts say

Experts from across the Faculty have given their reaction to the draft Brexit deal announced between the UK and the EU.

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From the field to the classroom: How research feeds into teaching across the Faculty

Our academics take their fieldwork, methodologies and latest theories and bring them into lecture theatres and seminar rooms for students to learn, practice, question and develop. Find out how research led-teaching is taking place across the Faculty.

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