It's GeniUS

GeniUS Card

GeniUS Cards are accepted at all hustle & bUStle venues. Account top ups can be made on the go and the best news is, it’s available to any University of Sheffield student and staff.

  • Collect loyalty points
  • Receive exclusive offers
  • Top up and use as a cashless card

How GeniUS works for you:

  1. Register your card to enable you to redeem points and take advantage of special offers and vouchers.
  2. Email the card number printed on the back of your card along with your name and address to to add cash.
  3. Add cash to your card with as much or as little, as frequently or as infrequently as you like - it's GeniUS!
  4. Collect points for every £1 you spend Each point is worth 1p.

Register or manage your GeniUS account

Top up your GeniUS Card

GeniUS rewards

The GeniUS Card has the best reward scheme around and gives you 5 points for every pound you spend. With each point equaling 1p, you’ll soon save up enough points for a well earned treat.

The GeniUS Card is a great way to collect points and ease those hunger pangs all at the same time. It’s available to all students and staff and can be used in any venues designed and operated by US across campus and in the residences.

Whether you’re after a bacon butty to kick start your day, a hearty home cooked lunch, or a freshly made fruit smoothie to put a zing in your step, our fantastic venues are a great place to catch up with friends and colleagues over lunch or grab a quick coffee on the go.

Keep your eye out for offers and discounts available exclusively for GeniUS Card holders throughout the year.

For catered students

The GeniUS Card is also our catering cash card. Students living in catered accommodation automatically receive a GeniUS Card with a weekly catering contribution of £51.45 (201-18 academic year). The allowance is added to the card every Sunday during term time (31 weeks in total) and if you don’t spend the weekly allowance during the week, there’s no need to panic – the cash left on the card will roll over.

The GeniUS Card can be used in any of our venues across campus and in the residences, and you choose how to spend the contribution – on breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks or drinks. You’ll receive 5 reward points for every extra £1 you spend on top of your weekly allowance, so if you end up spending more you’ll be getting something back. And with each point worth a penny, you’ll soon save up enough points for a treat.

The £51.45 contribution has been designed to cover an average of two meals a day and it’s entirely up to you how you decide to spend it.

How GeniUS works for you:

  1. Register your card: You can start to use your catering allowance on your GeniUS Card from Sunday 17 September, once you have logged into your account and added your card number. A username and password have been provided with your card. You can use your account to check your balance and you, or your parents, can top it up here too!
  2. Your weekly allowance: Every Sunday for the 31 term time weeks of your accommodation contract (excludes Christmas and Easter vacations) your £51.45 will automatically be credited to your account. You can use this in any of our hustle & bUStle outlets, if you don’t spend it all, don’t worry as you won’t lose it, the value will stay on your account and roll over to the next week.
  3. Add cash: If you want to add extra cash to your card, you or your parents and friends can top it up at any time online by clicking the ‘top up’ button below.
  4. Collect points for every £1 you spend: Each point is worth 1p.

For staff - GeniUS hospitality

The GeniUS Hospitality Card comes in handy when arranging to buy refreshments for guests and meetings. Your Hospitality Card can be loaded up with any amount of money by contacting our team on 0114 222 8999. It’s perfect if you’re often out and about on campus.

To buy a GeniUS Hospitality Card, please contact the gUSto team via the contact us page on the withUS website.

Lost or damaged cards – Log into your account and block your card. Pick up a blank GeniUS Card from any of our outlets and register the new card number against your account. Remember to print your name on the back of your card and keep it safe as you will need it to spend the money in your account. The card contains a microchip so don’t attach it to a key ring as it may affect its use. Please see our terms and conditions.