Geography graduate attributes

Through the learning experiences we offer, our geography students develop academic skills, personal skills and wellbeing.


Skills you will develop include: 


Written communication, oral communication and interpersonal skills

You will have the ability to communicate confidently in writing, in person and online for different purposes and audiences. You will produce a range of materials across the span of your degree programme, including: essays, reports, research proposals and policy briefings.

Regular group work, fieldwork and oral presentations will enable you to hone your interpersonal and verbal communication skills, showing you how to work effectively in a team to meet common goals.


Research design, research methods and ethical considerations

The course will enable you to develop your research skills, through providing you with opportunities to understand the processes and methods involved in research. You will learn how to collect, organise and analyse different types of qualitative and quantitative data.

With this skill set, you will be able to engage in critical thinking and apply your skills to different contexts. You will also be encouraged to consider the ethical implications of your research and the impacts of your work on the wider community.


Prioritising, planning, time management and adaptability

You will gain high levels of autonomy and determination by independently managing a range of tasks within your assessment deadlines. As you prioritise and plan your work to fit in with your other responsibilities and commitments, you will also learn how to be flexible and open minded. Developing effective time management and prioritisation skills will prepare you well for the demands of the workplace.

Numeracy and technology

Numeracy, data handling, statistical analysis and digital capability

Through your degree, you will become capable of using digital media and a wide range of software packages to retrieve, store and present numerical data.

Regular use of IT in research and data analysis will provide you with excellent experience in word processing, database management, use of digital communications and technical methods (eg GIS and remote sensing).

The course will enable you to develop your digital fluency and competency, through equipping you with useful digital tools. Numeracy and technology skills are highly valued by employers and will be particularly applicable in office-based environments.

Intellectual and independent thinking

Critical thinking, innovation, problem solving and developing reasoned arguments

Critical thinking is fundamental to geographical research. Through this, you will learn to challenge existing ideas and explore innovative approaches to problem solving. When developing new approaches and ideas, you will understand the importance of curiosity and creativity. You will also become highly adept at developing reasoned arguments from evaluating a wide range of evidence.


Commercial awareness, networking and growth mindset

You will be able to demonstrate an understanding of commercial and organisational decisions, as your degree will provide opportunities for you to engage with events (eg workshops, seminars and conferences) with external organisations.

Through using interpersonal skills to build and maintain positive relationships through networking, you will gain a sense of how to present yourself in a professional manner.

You will be encouraged to reflect on your development and experiences with a growth mindset; therefore, you will be capable of recognising the value of progress and career management.

Global awareness

Global awareness, sustainability and inclusivity

The multidisciplinary nature of the course will equip you with an in-depth understanding of how different processes interact at local and global scales. You will develop cultural intelligence and global competence, which will support you to appreciate different political issues, global affairs and cultures.

As part of this, you shall also acquire the knowledge and skills to promote societal and environmental sustainability.

Global awareness also relates to inclusivity, which means recognising and valuing different abilities, backgrounds, beliefs and ways of living.


Positive mindset, resilience and self care

Through your degree programme, as well as through volunteering activities, clubs and societies, your self-confidence will improve.

Gaining confidence involves developing a positive mindset and resilience with regard to challenges. When you are able to identify the things that enhance your mental health and self-esteem, you will gain competency in self care.

There are also opportunities for work-related learning throughout your course, including real-world projects and stakeholder exercises.

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