Our PhD candidates

Funded PhD students and their research areas.

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Our PhD candidates receive financial support to undertake their studies from a variety of sources. These include UK research councils (particularly ESRC and EPSRC), University funding (both fee waivers and scholarships offering maintenance funding), and overseas governments and funding organisations (for example, CONACYT for students from Mexico).

Geography PhD candidates 

Name  Research area
Rosie Archer Emulating the last Eurasian Ice Sheet
Shriya Bajaj Inequalities in Market Access to Nutrient Dense Foods: A Mixed Methods Investigation in Rural India
Aishwarya Bhuta Interrogating NGO-isation, Rethinking Women's Empowerment: Case Studies from India
Ingun Borg  
Ollie Chesworth Interrogating the nature of foodscapes and alternative food-economies through alternative food spaces
Ben Cornford An investigative study into Concentric Crater Fills and their relationship with Martian glacial and climate histories
Charlotte Curry The Impacts of Climate Change and Mining on Glaciers in the Andes
Rebecca England Spectroscopic measurements of volcanic gases in volcanic environments
William Haynes Seen and unseen: homeless migrants at Stazione Termini in Rome
Alyssa Heggison Automated Analysis of Volcano Imagery with Machine Learning Techniques
Josephine Hornsey  
Ella Hubbard Democratic Politics for Community Economies
Davi Lemos Carnival as Queer Claim: Reappropriating Rio de Janeiro’s streets through LGBTQ+ celebratory performances
Virginia Longo Engineer crop behaviours to respond to extreme climatic conditions
Laura Maratou-Kolias Female Household-Headship, Agricultural Productivity, and Factor and Output Markets: The Case of Uganda’s Cotton Smallholder Farmers
Teresa (Tete') Mausse Informal Water Provision: Enabling or Constraining -Sustainable- Development?
Winnie M Musivo  
Mwanja Mwale The good life? Focusing a capability lens on Zambia's social cash transfer programme
Tarja Rannisto Wellbeing benefits of sustainable urban woodlands: The significance of aesthetic awareness in cities environmental strategies in terms of people's wellbeing
Luke Richardson Dynamics of Glacier blood: Understanding climatically important extremophiles from the continental to molecular scale
Dimitra Pilichou Does living in an eco-community make you happier? - Critical evaluation of case studies from Greece as potential alternative development pathways
Tessa Spano Understanding fluvial sediment transport using infra-red stimulated luminescence
Katie Sumner  
Mirsu Tekin Quantifying bioturbation rates of different earthworm functional groups using novel methods
Sian Thorpe Investigation into the ice dynamic impact of active subglacial lake drainage
Remy Veness Exploring sediment transfer beneath ice sheets from model-data comparisons encompassing changing ice flow geometries
Sihui Wen Understanding of dust emission in the Gonghe basin in China
Will Wenban Deciphering the Influence of Glacial Erosion on Alpine Landscape Evolution Through a Novel Application of Thermoluminescence Thermochronometry

Urban studies and planning PhD candidates

Name Research area
Enes Aydin Redefining Socio-Spatial Inequalities through Comparative Urban Policy Analysis in London and Berlin
Helen Brown  Understanding attitudes and perceptions amongst older people of housing and housing processes in an era of rising demand
James Beaumont Out-of-area displacement: Exploring how England’s housing system is shaping new forms of urban marginalisation
Cihan Cagil Changes in Inter-State Authority Relations in Contemporary Metropolitan Governance
Juliet de Little Planning for resilience under multi-stakeholder risk management
Hoda Elhalaby The effect of NGOs interventions on urban villages in Egypt
Mónica Martin Grau Urban frictions: prosperity turns within Nairobi’s water tinkering practices
Francesca Guarino Othered people in othered places: a critical and situated exploration of the challenges of cultural diversity in Palermo
George Jewitt A better tomorrow: paternalism, totalitarianism, democracy
Xinyu Jin Safeguarding the Past, Embracing the Future An Examination of Alternative Development Strategies for Chinese Historic Urban Quarters
Chan-Woo Kim Commercial real estate rental markets in Europe
Stephanie Lacey The impact of female homelessness on children's educational experiences in inner-city schools
Wanying Li Residential Redevelopment: Eviction and the reconstruction of space in the lower half of Chongqing, China
Mateus Lira The politics of resettlement and occupations in Brazil
Emma Mahoney Understanding Power in Urban Climate Governance: The Case of Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Catherine Malpass Schools as sites for integrated community food action
Abraham Mariech Housing and disability within urban informality in Eldoret, Kenya
Michael Marshall Financialisation, regulation and asset management in English housing associations
Charly H Morris Migrant youth activisms: de-bordering practices and urban solidarities in re-imagining the city
Naomi Oates Water service provision practices in Malawi   
Inken Oldsen-thor Straten An analysis of local authorities and property developers’ relations shaping spatial change in Cape Town and Johannesburg
Marion Oveson Civic universities and social justice
Jenny Patient Trade Unions and a 'just' transition to low carbon
Martyna Piliszewska Why do they stay? Exploring the reasons why homeless Polish migrant workers remain in a state of prolonged destitution in post-Brexit Britain
Rahul Raj Political Ecologies of Caste, Class and Precarious Labour in Indian Cities
Holly Rooke Migration, Cities and Inequality
Sri Suryani Displacements and urban water infrastructure in Jakarta, Indonesia
Xiao Tang Investigation of how land use/cover change impact on housing price at Megaregion
Stephany Mercedes Vargas-Rojas Governing forced migration in Colombia's peace transition: integrating urban resettlement and housing in the Llano Verde housing state in Cali, Colombia 
Agustina Vazquez Making Sense of Socio-Spatial Inequality: A Qualitative Study of Geographical Proximity and Social Distance in Buenos Aires
Nan Wang Understanding the role of peer-to-peer accommodation in disrupting the neighbourhood: A new form of gentrification
Nancy Marcia L. Wilson Housing discrimination in the Sheffield metropolitan area, 1960s to the present
Yu-Tung Wu Housing and intergenerational inequality in the Taipei metropolitan area
Said Zaaneen Urban refugee camps in the Gaza Strip
Rong Zheng Exploring Children’s Nature-Based Place Attachment in High-density Metropolitan Areas

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