Exploring Children’s Nature-Based Place Attachment in High-density Metropolitan Areas

Rong Zheng
Rong Zheng
PhD student
Environment, infrastructure and sustainability, Planning, people and place
Rohg Zheng is a PhD student, currently exploring Children’s Nature-Based Place Attachment in High-density Metropolitan Areas.

My research addresses the gap in our knowledge of children’s experience of urban nature in Chinese cities, the aim of this PhD research is to explore children's experience and perceptions through the concept of place attachment to the urban natural environment in 21st- century HangZhou. HangZhou was chosen to provide an example of a typical high density metropolitan Chinese city. The factors that attracted children to have daily nature experiences in cities and their perceptions of nature will be explored. By contributing to an evidence base about children’s current interactions with urban nature, the study aspires to inform future policy, particularly with respect to urban planning as well as childhood health and wellbeing.

Supervised by Liz Sharp and Michael Martin

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