Housing discrimination in the Sheffield metropolitan area, 1960s to the present

Nancy Marcia L. Wilson (PHD student)
Nancy Marcia L. Wilson
PhD student
Housing and real estate
PhD student Nancy discusses her PhD research, previous work and educational experiences.

Supervised by Tom Goodfellow and  S. J. Cooper

My dissertation research topic is Housing Discrimination in the Sheffield Metropolitan area from the 1960s to the present. My focus is on homeownership as a pathway to wealth, and closing the racial wealth gap for people of colour. One aspect of my research includes the root causes of discrimination. I am currently exploring the history and geography of the region as influencers of social housing policy and housing development. Other exploratory avenues include housing’s socio-economic and political impacts on people of colour and immigrants, and the power structures which support and determine who gets to live where, and why.

I will be exploring theories that include Critical Race Theory (CRT), Post-colonial and Social Capital theories, and the Theory of Property. As I begin to form my conceptual framework, topics that I have identified include intersectionality and structural/institutional racism, migration and segregation, power structures, financialization of housing, and property rights. Using a mixed method approach I intend to gain knowledge about the many barriers to homeownership that people of colour experience. Part of the process will include determining the stakeholders and the various methods we can utilize to remove the barriers to homeownership.

Previous Positions: Assistant Executive Director, Development Manager, Single Family Rehabilitation Program Manager, Recapitalization Project Manager, Housing Planner III.

Previous Education: University of Southern California, Los Angeles CA, USA: Doctor of Education (EdD - Dec, 2023) – Organizational Change & Leadership, Gentrification dissertation.

Morgan State University, Baltimore MD, USA: Master of Business Administration

Morgan State University, Baltimore MD, USA: Master of City & Regional Planning

Howard University, Washington DC, USA: Bachelor of Architecture

Certification: Project Management Institute, PMP Certification #1648844

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