Recognised as one of the leading planning schools in the UK, Sheffield offers an exceptional academic environment

Ethan Cheung
Ethan Cheung
Graduate Transport Planning Consultant
MSc Urban and Regional Planning Graduate
MSc Urban and Regional Planning Graduate Ethan now works as a Transport Planning Consultant for Jacobs, in this interview he offers insight into his new role and reflects on his time studying USP at Sheffield.

Can you tell us what a typical day in your role is like?

I am a Graduate Transport Planning Consultant at Jacobs. My role involves preparing national and local policies review for a number of councils’ transport plans, creating maps with GIS for reports, reviewing the planning applications on highway grounds, and assessing the change in traffic flows brought by developments. 

What attracted you to this role, and what aspect do you enjoy the most?

I am most impressed by the fascinating opportunities offered by Jacobs. It allows graduates to explore the field by engaging in diverse projects across various cities in the UK or even globally. Also, the well-structured graduate programme motivated me to apply for the role. The programme not only provides graduates with valuable skills and experience in transport planning but also encompasses a broader understanding of the business operation.  

What skills did you learn during your degree that you use in your career?

The Spatial Planning and Planning Law modules have strengthened my understanding of the English planning system and it allows me to be more proficient in preparing policy reviews and reviewing planning applications. Thanks to the group work from the Integrated Project, I gained experience in working alongside students from diverse cultural and academic backgrounds. It has greatly improved my ability to collaborate with colleagues from different disciplines and offices, making me a more effective team player.

Why did you choose to study in USP at Sheffield?

I chose to study in USP at Sheffield as working in the planning field has been my aspiration for years! Coming from one of the bustling cities, Hong Kong, I have always been captivated by the unique operations of world cities. Recognised as one of the leading planning schools in the UK, Sheffield offers an exceptional academic environment. What fascinates me the most is not only that USP offers a wide range of courses such as planning law and transport planning that allows students to explore different aspects of town planning, but also supports students’ career development by organising career talks. So, I decided to step out of my comfort zone to study abroad and seek new opportunities in the UK. 

What advice would you give to someone thinking of studying/looking for work in your field? 

Transport Planning is a broad field, and it requires talents from different disciplines. Before applying for Transport Planner roles, it is important to do research in this field and consider how our planning knowledge allows us to achieve excellence in certain types of work in transport planning. I also believe that it is beneficial to reach out to the professionals currently working in transport planning or modelling to gain insights into the skills and qualifications necessary for the role.

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