All the modules studied at Sheffield are useful to my job

Hang Li
Hang Li
MA Urban Design and Planning
Hang now works in Shanghai but travels extensively for site visits and international conferences.

Why did you choose to study in the School of Geography and Planning at the University of Sheffield?

I love the discipline of urban planning and I have always wanted to study a masters degree on this subject. After considering the ranking of the course, and my own preference of a quiet and liveable city, I chose to study in Sheffield.

What is your most memorable thing from Sheffield?

There are many memorable things from Sheffield, such as travelling with friends, discussing with group members and cooking at home. If I have to say one thing only, maybe the most memorable thing is writing essays in the library of The Diamond. I have no time to write papers without disturbance nowadays since I started my work, so I really missed the time in Sheffield.

Where do you work now and what does your day-to-day work involve? 

I work in Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning and Design Institute Co., Ltd. My work mainly focuses on territorial spatial planning and strategic planning.

Which elements of your job do you most enjoy?

Field trips are my favourite part of my job. During my five-year work in this company, I have travelled many places. Although field work can be exhausting, I'm still very excited about exploring various cultures, local food and secret stories of cities. Because of our close relation with Tongji University, we are encouraged to participate in the national and international conferences. There is also special funding for junior staff that I can apply for, which motivates me to continue my learning and research outside the day to day normal planning work.

How did your studies at Sheffield prepare you for your career?

All the modules studied at Sheffield are useful to my job. The course of Research Methods taught me logic thinking, I also learnt professional knowledge and software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Arcgis and so on. These are very important to my current work.

What would be your advice to other international students considering studying in Sheffield?

Following your heart and setting up your own goals. The goals are very important, which can guide you to the future.

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