Sheffield has taught me the importance of scientific and objective research methods

Mengjie Li
Mengjie Li
MA Urban Design and Planning
After completing a masters in Urban Design and Planning, Mengjie Li now works on urban renewal projects for a think tank based in Shenzhen.

Which course did you study?

MA Urban Design and Planning.

Why did you choose to study in the School of Geography and Planning at the University of Sheffield?  

My friends highly recommended it, and after thorough consideration, I chose Sheffield because of its teaching staff and curriculum.

What is your most memorable thing from Sheffield?

My most memorable thing in Sheffield is the Induction Project, which enabled me to explore the city centre of Sheffield in depth and discussed my thoughts with team members and tutors.

Where do you work now and what does your day-to-day work involve?

I work in China Development Institute, a think tank based in Shenzhen. My research areas include urban renewal, regional strategy, and development for industry parks.

Which elements of your job do you most enjoy?

My work involves great diversity, I can explore the latest trends in different industries, rather than limited to a certain professional field.

How did your studies at Sheffield prepare you for your career? 

Sheffield has taught me how to do research systematically, and the importance of scientific and objective research methods.

What would be your advice to other international students considering studying in Sheffield?

For the subject of urban planning and design, Sheffield city is an excellent sample. I'd recommend spending time walking and experiencing the city, there are so many things about the society, economy and local customs to learn about.

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