Right after my course, I came across great opportunities in real estate in the valuation and consultancy teams in India

Riti student profile
Riti Sen
Investment Researcher
MSc Real Estate Planning and Development
MSc Real Estate Planning and Development graduate Riti Sen discusses the skills she learned as a student at Sheffield and how they have helped to forge her career.

What course did you study? 

I studied MSc Real Estate Planning and Development.

What is your role and what does it typically look like on a daily basis? 

At this current role, I am an investment researcher. It involves the in-depth analysis of investment deals above £7.5m. Almost like a forensic researcher but for real estate deals. We also focus heavily on real estate funds and their trading. Additionally, we need to carry out quarterly and annual market write-ups about significant and impactful deals.

What aspect of your current job do you enjoy the most? 

Having been a surveyor and in the development team prior to this job, this role helps me understand the background and reasoning behind real estate transactions. It explains the trading of different asset classes based on the current economic climate. These transactions are used as sales comparables for surveyors. Assessing and curating these data points are imperative to my role and to the market.

What skills did you learn during your degree that you use in your career? 

Right after my course, I came across great opportunities in real estate in the valuation and consultancy teams in India. The valuation, development, economic and planning law has helped me navigate my way through the industry. After relocating back to the UK, I chose to start my real estate career in the research sector. 

Why did you choose to study planning at Sheffield?

1. The global ranking of the course.

2. Staff and curriculum.

3. Campus and facilities.

4. Reputation of the University.

What advice would you offer to prospective students thinking of studying real estate at university?

View the videos and study the course well shared before. Ask questions. I would also suggest researching the future roles available in the industry and how the course helps you meet your future goals. I was grateful for the university to take us on the market visit where we went to the offices of many real estate stakeholders such as Tristan Capital, Savills, Argent and MSCI. We were able to understand the complete spectrum of the industry.

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