"I enjoyed the experience and embraced the chance to be inspired"

"Attending these sessions provided valuable knowledge about the latest urban design trends and practices," says student Siddhi about her experiences attending the UKREiiF Annual Event

Siddhi Milind Sangai
Siddhi Milind Sangai

Siddhi Milind Sangai is currently studying an MA Urban Design and Planning and has recently attended her first conference event as a student. Here Siddhi reflects on the enriching experience she had at the UK Real Estate Investment Infrastructure Forum (UKREiiF) Annual Event held in Leeds in May, and gives some advice to students who may want to attend events like this...

"This event brought together professionals from various fields to explore practical market trends, innovations, and advancements in the UK. It was an enlightening experience to witness first hand the evolution and momentum of urban design.

One session that stood out was led by Homes England, a prominent organisation addressing the housing crisis. They presented ambitious plans for creating sustainable communities, emphasising innovative design principles, renewable energy solutions, and green spaces in their housing projects. Considering social, economic, and environmental factors, their holistic approach was genuinely inspiring.

Another session by Mott MacDonald, a renowned engineering consultancy firm, caught my attention. They showcased their latest projects and shared insights into their approach to urban design and infrastructure planning. Their commitment to sustainability, resilience, and innovative city concepts was evident. I was fascinated by their intelligent transportation systems and data analytics to optimise urban mobility.

Attending these sessions provided valuable knowledge about the latest urban design trends and practices. Witnessing the dedication of industry leaders in tackling housing, infrastructure, and sustainability challenges was inspiring. The event also allowed me to expand my network, interact with professionals from diverse backgrounds, and exchange ideas.

The UKREiiF event in Leeds was an enriching experience for me as an urban designer. It provided an opportunity to learn about innovations, gain insights into practical market trends, and connect with like-minded professionals. The sessions by Homes England and Mott MacDonald emphasised the importance of integrating sustainability and technology into urban design for a better future."

What advice would you give students that are attending networking events/conferences?

"As a student attending conferences, I recommend approaching the event with an open mind and a thirst for knowledge. Take advantage of the opportunity to engage with professionals, ask questions, and seek advice. Be proactive in networking, connecting with fellow attendees, and building relationships. Remember to take notes and capture key insights from sessions, as these learnings can be valuable for your academic and professional growth.

Most importantly, enjoy the experience and embrace the chance to be inspired by your field's latest trends and innovations.

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