Masters student blog series: 2023 recap

Each year we invite some of our International Development students to write blog articles exploring key topics from their courses. Here's a roundup of all those articles in one place.

ID blog series 2023

#01: Kabir Dave

How the Sustainable Livelihood Framework can increase WaSH access for marginalised groups

MA International Development student Kabir Dave discusses how our approach to providing acceptable levels of water, sanitation and hygiene access must be re-examined.

#02: Amelia J Van Komen

From Food Desert to Food Apartheid: A Capabilities Approach to Navajo Food Insecurity

MPH International Development student Amelia J Van Komen disputes the current terminology we use around food insecurity. 

#03: Emily May Muir 

The Violence of Being Left-Out: Buen Vivir and everyday exclusions against indigenous women

MSc Environmental Change and International Development student Emily May Muir explores how Buen Vivir in Ecuador failed to include indigenous women in decision-making processes. 

#04: Benjamin Phillips

ICT4D and Buen Vivir: Indigenous Appropriations for Preservation

MPH International Development student Benjamin Phillips discusses global digital inequalities and the tribulations of integrating IT into Indigenous communities.

#05: Tendayi Whacha

Why is Nigeria Food Insecure?

MPH International Development student Tendayi Whacha explores food insecurity in Nigeria.

#06: Xiaoxue Weng

How Rights-based approach to development helps to improve Gender-based violence in Asia

MPH International Development student Xiaoxue Weng explores gender equality in Asia.

#07: Ciara Bridgeman 

Why has constitutionalising Buen Vivir failed to rethink and prevent gender-based violence in Ecuador?

MA International Development student Ciara Bridgeman disputes current gender policies in Ecuador. 

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