Dr Ally Lu

School of Geography and Planning

University Teacher

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Dr Ally Lu
School of Geography and Planning
Room C4d
Geography and Planning Building
Winter Street
S3 7ND

I have a multidisciplinary background in landscape architecture, architecture and planning. I completed my BA in Landscape Architecture and MA in Architecture with a focus on colonial urban history and heritage conservation.

I received awards from the National Science Council and the Taiwan Institute of Urban Planning for my Master degree thesis on 'The Urban Development of the Maritime City of Keelung during the Japanese Governance Period'.

I received my PhD in Planning and Landscape at the University of Manchester under the supervision of Professor Michael Hebbert.

Between my academic studies, I had project management experience in the field of community-based planning and design, heritage conservation, water environment and sustainability.

These were projects of varying scale and nature ranging from designing community parks, preserving listed heritage, revitalizing historic streets, sustainable planning for river basin and reservoir watersheds.

I had the privilege to work with local residents as well as academics and professionals in an interdisciplinary and intercultural environment.

During my time as a post-doc researcher in Taiwan, I had contributed to the university’s internationalisation and enhancement of teaching and research quality by facilitating the collaboration between international academic institutions from the UK, Netherlands, USA, Japan, China and Singapore.

I am an Academic Member of the Landscape Institute, the chartered body for the landscape profession.

I am currently Level 1 Tutor and International Students Tutor in USP.

Research interests

I am interested in urban landscape history, especially under the influence of colonialism. This has been my research interest since my postgraduate study.

I was later involved in the identification of historic and ecological significance in urban landscapes and their conservation, especially where the contested values of collective memory, sense of place, and economic development constantly battle.

An additional area of interest is sustainable planning and design in the urban water environment.

My most recent research project studied land use planning in reservoir watersheds, and pressing issues such as flood prevention and sustainable water supply were explored. How to create a resilient urban environment with water management and urban amenity in mind became another research focus.

Recent research includes:

  • Culturally Responsive Public Space – a Case Study of the Historic Quarters in Nanjing, China. Funded by the University’s Global Learning Opportunities in the Social Sciences programme. (2017)
  • Fostering Intercultural Competence and Promoting Integrated Learning Experience. Co-investigator, funded by the University’s Teaching Enhancement and Student Success programme. (2015)
Teaching activities

I currently teach on the following modules: