Rodney Brown

School of Geography and Planning



Rod Brown has a BSc in Geology (Sheffield)

Research interests
  • Hillslope processes
  • Physical Weathering
  • Structural Geomorphology

Current research

  • Hillslope geomorphology of Southern Pennines. Weathering and slope forms in marl rocks of South East Spain.
  • Stratigraphic and structural geology and geomorphology of the western region of Murcia Province, Spain.
  • Karst and pseudo karst microforms in semi-arid and arid environments. Forms, origins and human use of free faces in the UK.
Professional activities and memberships

Rod Brown has been a member of two Royal Society sponsored scientific expeditions to the Watkins Mountains of East Greenland and been involved in the Sheffield University Expedition to Arctic Norway and a speleological expedition to Oman.

He is a member of the Alpine Club, the Fell and Rock Climbing Club and a member of the BMC Peak District Area Committee.

Key publications

Rod Brown has over 25 publications, including 12 contributions to books and several refereed research papers in journals.

  • Brown R.D., Waltham, A.C. and Middleton, T.C. (1985). Karst and caves in the Jabsl Akhdar, Oman. Trans. Brit. Cave Res. Ass., 12, 69-79.
  • Brown R.D., Waltham, A.C. and Middleton, T.C. (1985). Karst hydrology of the Wasia limestone in the southern Jabal Akhdar. Public Authority for Water Resources of the Sultanate of Oman, 20pp.
  • Brown R.D. (1993). Pressures on and in the Peak District National Park. In: Sargeant, J. and Wiltshire, R. (eds) Geographical Studies and Japan, Japan Library, 166-173.
  • Brown R.D. and Browell, M. (1985). South Pembroke Hazards. Alpine Journal, 90, 148-152.
  • Brown R.D., Hansom, J.D. and Redda, A. (1985). Edale End Landslide. In: Briggs, D.J., Gilbertson, D.D. and Jenkinson, R.D.S. (eds) Peak District and Northern Dukeries, Quaternary Research Association, Cambridge, 90-96.