Completed PhDs

Awards list of urban studies and planning PhD graduates from 2013 to present day.

MSE PhD Graduates 2019
Year Name Thesis title
2023 Carl Lee Purpose built student accommodation (PBSA) development nexus in Sheffield 2000-2019.
2023 Dario Ferrazzi Housing, crime and the city: re-addressing the urban crime question
2023 Hakjin Lee Neighbourhood planning: localism, community participation and conflicts
2023 Manuel Heckel Urban governance and finance in sub-Saharan Africa
2023 Martha Mingay Community land trusts and the housing crisis
2023 Patricia Schappo Street markets as multi-purpose development strategies for urban environments
2023 Philippa Hughes Community land trusts
2023 Selam Robi Industrial park cities in Ethiopia
2023 Yixin Liu Gated communities in China
2023 D Ferrazzi Crime, housing tenure, and urban space: A study of Sheffield
2023 SW Robi The Politics of Urban Industrialization: Integrating the Urban Industrial Nexus in Ethiopia's Disintegrating Ethno-Federal Party State
2023 C Lee The making of a market: the private sector, purpose built, student accommodation development nexus and its impact on central Sheffield 2000-2019
2023 M Heckel Water service providers and debt emitters: Kenya's transformation of public water and sanitation utilities' financing
2022 Carlo Chan Urban planning and ageing  
2022 P Schappo Public Markets and Social Justice in Cities: A South-North comparative study of markets social justice potential and the role of urban governance
2022 Abdulla Difalla Toward a relational understanding of informal areas in Saudi Arabia 
2022 Vanessa Lo  Understanding the housing decision-making processes of elderly people
2022 Ruth Lucas   The housing crisis and the changing role of the housing professional in England 
2022 Emmanuel Maiyanga Household water practices in a rapidly urbanising city
2022 Fatima Mohammed Resettlement and rehabilitation initiatives in Nigeria  
2022 Rami Shamseen Decentralisation and the growth of core cities 
2022 Jeni Vine Building cohesive neighbourhoods: conflict and rank awareness
2021 JLH Erskine Household Strategies in a Yorkshire Mining Village
2021 VO Okoye Children's community space experiences in Nima: Tracing racializing assemblages of the human
2021 CJC Van der Lijn Understanding Spatial Housing Choice and Demand: A comparative study of London, Liverpool, and Sheffield
2021 RA Bust Safeguarding and conflicts in local minerals planning
2021 M Jeong Refractive Spatialisation: The Digital Picturesque, the Online-Reality Gap and Gentrification in Seoul
2021 Fatima Ajia   Public communications in the adaptive water utility 
2021 Ryan Bellinson   Coproducing urban climate change and environmental governance: A case study of Greater Manchester    Beth Perry
2020 Vidya Pancholi Towards substantive public participation in urban governance
2020 Elvis Nyanzu Assessing neighbourhood deprivation: understanding local spatial context
2020 Pu Niu ‘Deliberative democracy’ and the integration of the urban village into the city
2020 Zhen Lu Housing and schools - social justice in China
2020 Sarah Linn Intersectional identities of urban refugee women and their negotiation of space and security in Amman and Beirut
2020 Han Jiang Zero carbon housing in China
2020 Sally Faulkner Vulnerable communities, collective bargaining and climate change adaptation
2020 Debjani Dasgupta State-responsiveness, decentralisation and poverty reduction in West Bengal, India
2020 Divine Asafo Land acquisition, land conflicts and its effect on housing production in peri-urban Accra, Ghana
2020 Salman Aldalbahi The housing market in Saudi Arabia
2019 Caroline McCalman Nuclear heresy: environmentalism as implicit religion
2019 Amy Beckett New-build housing, mobility and the life course: a study of housing-driven economic growth strategy in Doncaster
2019 Sinan Akyuz Redevelopment of the squatter settlement neighbourhoods in Ankara, Turkey
2019 Daniel Tubridy Infrastructure and design: case studies of stormwater management from Copenhagen and Sheffield
2018 Nathan Sandran A critical examination of planning issues surrounding the formulation of public-private partnership toll road projects in Malaysia
2018 Karwan Taha An institutionalist analysis of the role of environmental sustainability ideas in urban development policy processes: Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan region of Iraq
2018 Jiazhe Zhu The impact of immigration on the local housing market in England and Wales
2018 Milyung Son 'Urban regeneration' to 'social regeneration': culture and social regeneration through the Culture City of East Asia event initiative in Cheongju, South Korea
2018 Jason Slade What do they know? The power and potential of story in planning
2018 Annie Cruz-Porter In pursuit of recognition in a digitally divided city: conceptualising voice, visibility and presence in the age of social media
2018 Anthony McLean Unsplintering urbanism: examining the integration of urban infrastructures
2018 Morag Rose Women walking Manchester: desire lines through the 'original modern' city
2018 Charlotte Hoole Leadership and governance in a city-regional context: a case study of Doncaster
2018 Uyi Ezeanah The delivery and quality of housing in Benin City: the influence of formal and informal institutions
2018 Emily Ball Investigating support, sanctioning and behaviour change mechanisms in family-based interventions
2018 Wu Long Jhuang Territoriality, resistance and indigenous development in protected areas: a political ecology analysis of Turku people in Eastern Taiwan
2017 Gareth Young Housing tenure and urban unrest: responding to contemporary rioting through housing-related mechanisms
2017 Lam Doan A systems approach to housing market analysis: the role of search and migration in market dynamics in Greater Manchester
2017 Claire Reger Understanding the post start-up experiences of community-based energy schemes in the UK
2017 Timi Owei The changing context of energy generation and supply
2017 Hanaw Amin Conservation planning, urban change and social life in Sulainmaniyah, Kurdistan-Iraq
2017 Jo Oldfield The performance and re-performance of sustainability
2017 Adipandang Yudono Enhancing democracy in spatial planning through spatial data sharing in Indonesia
2017 Emmanuel Adu-Ampong Governing tourism-led economic development planning: an interactive tourism governance perspective on the Elmina 2015 strategy in Ghana
2017 Andy Lockhart Unnatural markets: The politics of biodiversity off-setting and failed environment market-making in England
2017 Emma Morales Middle-class gatedness: a practice-based analysis of middle-class gated communities in Mexico
2017 Xin Feng The changing role of urban planners in transitional China: expectations, appropriateness and 'making a difference'
2016 Jacob Gower A rapid rural appraisal of energy access in Cambodia
2016 Mary Mwangi Urban growth management in sub-Saharan Africa: conflicting interests in the application of planning laws and regulations in middle income residential developments in Nairobi
2016 Hannah Bayfield Mobilising Manchester through the Manchester International Festival: Whose city, whose culture? An exploration of the representation of cities through cultural events
2016 Aysegul Can The relationship between neighbourhood renovation and gentrification in a historic environment: the example of Istanbul
2016 Jieling Xiao A study to explore smellscape: from understanding and interpretation to evaluation and design in urban intermodal transit spaces in UK and China
2016 Chloe Skinner Masculinities and the continuum of violence: A study of the interplay of masculinities, militarism, occupation and violence against women in Israel and Palestine
2016 Reyhana Shojaei Deep understanding of private housing supply in Tehran - An application of structure and agency approach
2016 Gabby Perez Ibarra The meaning of 'social' in Mexican social housing
2016 Chris Maidment Planning in the public interest? Looking for the `public interest' in English plan-making
2015 Qiaomin Hong Stakeholders' interactions in the redevelopment of urban villages: A case study in Xiamen
2015 Zifei Cheng The dilemma of changes in Chinese local governnance: Through the lens of heritage conservation
2015 Tom Ellerton Exploring the impact of New Labour urban regeneration policy at the local scale: the implications of an approach to 'joining-up' on the coordination of urban regeneration
2015 Taehee Lee Issues of planning justice within two large-scale urban (re)development projects in Seoul, South Korea
2015 Tim Neal An ethnographic study of British migrants in rural France
2014 Fahyre Loiola The formulation of public private partnerships projects for infrastructure developments in Brazil: An institutional analysis of the municipality of fortaleza
2014 Kirsten Owen Youth in the mix: An exploration of young people's position in a neighbourhood designed for social mix
2014 Youhong Yang The rationalities of irrational behaviours: the dynamics of the owner-occupied residential property process in Shenzhen, China
2013 Jin Hee Park Institutional explorations of shaping a particular housing culture in South Korea: The Gangnam District, Seoul
2013 Xiaoyuan Wan Changing governmentalities and power relations in Chinese government 'community construction' practices
2013 Dalia Gouda The impact of social capital on the operations of water user's organisations in Egypt's old lands
2013 Sarah Charlton State ambitions and people's practices: An exploration of RDP housing in Johannesburg
2013 Ozlem Celik Changing forms and strategies of state intervention in the housing of the poor in Istanbul
2013 Fatih Eren Local and global interactions in the evolution of Istanbul's retail property market

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