The project team

VKP Nagar Image
VKP Nagar, Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala), a neighbourhood that organised its own community kitchen during the pandemic

Dr Glyn Williams is the Principal Investigator of the project. He is a Reader in International Development and Planning at the University of Sheffield.

Professor Darshini Mahadevia (Ahmedabad University) is a Co-Investigator, and led the Gujarat-based research.

Professor Karen Coelho (Madras Institute of Development Studies) is a Co-Investigator, and led the Tamil Nadu-based research.

Associate Professor Binitha Thampi (Indian Institute of Technology Madars) is a Co-Investigator, and led the Kerala-based research. 

The primary team has been supported by excellent researcher assistants, including Satya Oza, Sindhu Nepolean, Fatima, Vinisha Meshram, Venkatesh M and Chandni Shyam.

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