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  • Aramayona, B., & Guarneros-Meza, V. (2024). The ‘In/formal Nocturnal City’: Updating a research agenda on nightlife studies from a Southern European perspective. Urban Studies61(3), 589-603.
  • Aramayona, B. (2023). La invisibilización de la informalidad en la Ciudad Nocturna: el desplazamiento de trabajadoras sexuales y domésticas hacia espacios privados [The invisibilisation of informality in the Nocturnal City: displacement of sex and domestic workers to private spaces]. In Forum Sociológico. Série II (No. 43). CESNOVA.

International Conference on Sex Work Rights

Straightening alliances towards a pro-rights approach in Southern Europe (Madrid, 7-8 June 2024).

The project's ethical and political implications went beyond the interest of academic/scholarly-based knowledge: INF_NIGHT aimed to engage in collaborative processes, supporting processes of collective contestation in local contexts through activist-engaged research.

An international public forum was held in Madrid in June 2024, co-produced with the feminist and activist-based research organisation “La Laboratoria” and participants previously involved in INF_NIGHT.

Across two days, the event - which was inaugurated by the eminent feminist philosopher Pr. Silvia Federici - brought together 40 practitioners, activists and precarious workers' organisations from Spain, Portugal and Italy.

They shared their experiences and knowledge around the impact of public policies over (migrant) precarious workers and keys for collective action in these three Southern countries.

Other relevant stakeholders at a European level (eg ESWA, Comitato per i diriti delle Prostitute, Aspasie-Geneva) also joined the programme, broadening the scope of transnational impact.

The event attracted great interest from a diverse audience, with 250 people attending in-person and 200 participating online.

Several national media outlets covered the event, including El Diario and Público.

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