Findings and dissemination

The Youth Futures project has organised various dissemination events to engage participants and stakeholders in project findings, to share resources, discuss policy implications and test our interpretations. These are detailed below in reverse chronological order.


In November 2022 three exhibitions (one in Sheffield, UK; Ekangala and then Johannesburg, South Africa) showcase the youth’s media outputs as well as photographs of the youth and their homes.

Examples of photos are shown below. Online access to the exhibitions and further details

In October 2022, Dr Paula Meth, principal investigator presented the Annual Lovatt Lecture at the University of Worcester on the topic of Youth and the work/housing nexus in the global South – where she shared key project findings.

In September 2022 a Policy Brief Workshop was held in Hawassa, Ethiopia with government ministers, participants from UN Habitat, leading researchers, the project team and the youth participants summary of findings (PDF, 5.2MB).

In June 2022 the South African youth representatives met up with the key stakeholders and the project team (including from Ethiopia) to share and discuss the project findings, as well as outline to the stakeholders what the key priorities of the youth were.

In April 2022, the Ethiopian youth representatives joined with key stakeholders and the project team to outline the youth’s key priorities. Around this time, in Ethiopia, some of the youth’s podcasts have been aired on local radio stations.

Attendees at the Hawassa Stakeholder Workshop, April 2022
Attendees at the Hawassa Stakeholder Workshop, April 2022

In addition to the stakeholder workshops, early findings have and are being presented at various seminars and conferences and links to publications and outputs will be provided when they are available.

Dr Paula Meth and Associate Professor Sarah Charlton recently wrote an article about the project's findings: Young people in Tshwane’s Ekangala battle challenges of finding work and affording a home (