Masters student blog series: 2021 recap

Last year we invited some of our International Development students to write blog articles exploring key topics from their courses. Here's a roundup of all those articles in one place.

Masters student blog series: Ideas and practice in International Development

#01: Emily Cooper

How can the African philosophy of ubuntu help change the way we think about climate change in the West?

MPH International Development student Emily Cooper explores what ubuntu's focus on altruism and cohesion means for Western environmentalists.

#02: Tania Salas

Food Sovereignty in the Zapatista Movement

Tania Salas, MA Intercultural Communication and International Development student, explores local small-scale food production in relation to the indigenous revolutionary group.

#03: Lauryn Bissett

Buen Vivir: A Progressive Pathway to a More Sustainable Future?

MSc Environmental Change and International Development student Lauryn Bissett explores a concept with a biocentric view of human relationships with nature, focussing on social and environmental wellbeing.

#04: Matthew Mather

The potato park – how good living and ancient knowledge is strengthening resilience to food insecurity in the Peruvian Andes

Matthew Mather, MA International Development student, explores a unique approach to tackling food insecurity in Peru.

#05: Lauren Granger

Tackling gender-based violence using the human rights-based approach to development

MA International Development student Lauren Granger explores how a human rights-based approach to development can empower the most vulnerable individuals to know their human rights.

#06: Alessandro De Nittis

From Poppy to Coffee Beans: What Thailand Can Teach the World about Sustainable Livelihoods

Thailand’s fight on opium production is nowadays considered an effective alternative to drug control. But what can it teach us about food security, asks MA Intercultural Communication and International Development student Alessandro De Nittis.

#07: Ethan Dockery

Climate and Justice: How can rights-based approaches help to fight climate change?

MSc Environmental Change and International Development student Ethan Dockery discusses rights-based approaches to development and climate change for our masters blog.

#08: Connor Cashell

Buen Vivir and Climate Change: A Timely Alternative to Capitalist Ecological Destruction?

MA International Development student Connor discusses capitalism, the climate crisis and Buen Vivir for the latest edition of our masters student blog series.

#09: Amy Rhodes

Can human-based approaches address all aspects of Gender-Based Violence?

MPH International Development student Amy Rhodes discusses the advantages and limitations of using community-focused development theories to tackle Gender-Based Violence.

#10: Meghana Venkatesh

WASH and Human Rights: How can a human-rights based approach improve access to WASH for all members of a community?

MPH International Development student Meghana Venkatesh discusses a human-rights based approach to water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH).

#11: Daniela Arcuri

Development back in the saddle of politics

MPH International Development student Daniela Arcuri discusses food insecurity, politics and the right to food.


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