Sheffield Students’ Union Academic Award Winner: GeogSoc


We are pleased to announce that GeogSoc have won 'Best student group campaign' from the Academic Awards 2016. This award recognizes the group who has actively campaigned to improve student experience of academic life and formed collaborations between extra-curricular and curricular learning.

This year Geography Society attempted to engage students in a number of ways to improve their time whilst at university, affiliate them with current events and the wider community.

The society helps level one student during module enrolment, and run exam and essay sessions. They have been on hand for 1:1 personal tutoring, offered dissertation sessions and advice for level 2 students, and expanded their academic sessions to address salient issues in society - exemplified by assisting in the organization of a ‘refugee crisis discussion’ with staff and students who’ve experienced the crisis first hand following a fieldwork module that took them to Lesvos.

The society has also developed its outreach connections in the community.

“What a year GeogSoc has had! We’ve had some great socials, run alumni and career events, taken 100 students to Budapest and to top it all off we have been named Best Student Group Campaign in the Academic Awards in recognition of our work to try and improve student experience of academic life! The society really has tried to do as much as it can this year and I have been so proud to be this year’s President. I have had the pleasure of working alongside a truly amazing committee and a very supportive department; GeogSoc really wouldn’t have been so successful without all their dedication and support!” Kurtis Barrow GeogSoc President 2015/16