NERC Arctic Science Conference 2015

The University of Sheffield recently hosted the NERC biannual Arctic Science conference. Led by Professor Grant Bigg from the Department of Geography, the three-day conference brought together UK Arctic scientists and researchers from natural and social disciplines to present and discuss their world-leading research.

The organizing committee worked alongside the NERC Arctic Office to select the presenters and poster presentations that focused on current and key issues regarding the Arctic as well as new technologies and ground breaking findings.

Professor Grant Bigg said 'The Conference was a great success with a range of excellent talks and posters, and a vibrant atmosphere of discussion, both in the sessions and outside.'

Sponsors of the conference, as well as NERC, included The Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Sheffield, Planet Ocean and the UK Polar Network.

Further Information

Organising Committee

  • Professor Grant Bigg (Chair, Geography, oceanographer and meteorologist)
  • Dr Gareth Phoenix (Deputy Chair, Animal & Plant Sciences, terrestrial ecologist)
  • Dr Andrew Sole (Geography, glaciologist and fjord modeller)
  • Dr Darrel Swift (Geography, long term landscape evolution/geology/geomorphology)
  • Dr Donatella Zona (Animal and Plant Sciences, biodiversity and geochemical fluxes)
  • Amy Jowett, then Camilla Rootes (UK Polar Network representatives)