Top Ten Things about Studying at Sheffield

image1. Taught by world leading researchers!
We are taught by the very people who are currently doing important research. Some of the lecturers here are world leading in their fields of research! If you have a particular interest in International Development, Glaciology or Climate Change to name just a few, then this department has some of the best researchers in the world!!

2. International Field Trips
They are free and they are compulsory! Currently, BA (Human) Geographers get to visit one of: Berlin, Morocco or Greece and BSc (Physical) Geographers get to go to southern Spain! These field trips run in second year to give you a chance to practice your research skills in the field. Then in third year you also have the option of another field trip including New York (I went this year, it was great!) or Kampala for human geographers and New Zealand or California for physical geographers!! Though you have to pay for these, there are departmental bursaries that you can apply for to help cover the cost.

3. A mixture of BA and BSc and MORE!
You can tailor your degree to suit you… If you have an interest in both human and physical geography there is the option to follow both throughout your three years here. While becoming more specialised in your degree of choice you can dabble in both areas. Also in your second year, if you decided you like the opposite degree track - i.e. BA if you’re a BSc student - then as long as you have done all the relevant modules you can switch! You can also dabble outside of the department: I know people who have dipped their toe into some Sociology, East Asian Studies, Journalism, Biology and Environmental Science!

4. Being a Sheffield (Geography) Graduateimage
Sheffield prides itself on the people it produces… There is a list of key attributes the university works to develop in all students through academia and student life. Companies recognise the skills we gain as Sheffield students but also as Sheffield Geography students. Employers directly contact the department to recruit for their businesses.
The department uses an array of teaching styles and assessments to make us Sheffield Geography graduates and  stand out from the crowd. This uni is really committed to giving you the transferable skills to succeed in the job market.

5. Best Student Union!
The Students’ Union here at Sheffield is amazing. It really is the hub of university life here - offering support services, Food, over 300 societies, actives and nights out. It really is the place to be on campus. If none of those things tempt you then have a search of PopTarts, the cheesiest and best night at the union. Who doesn’t want to scream High School Musical at the top if their voices at 2am!?

6. The Sheffield Student Experience
Student experience at Sheffield is amazing and really important. It’s not just about the experiences you have in a lecture theatre or seminar room but all the things you get up to outside of your degree. This can also be worked back into your Geography degree! I did my dissertation on educational experiences at A Level because I love being a student ambassador at the university. People also use their experiences volunteering and in the field to guide their research and academic interests!

There is an extra award you can apply for upon graduation to evidence all the things you have done outside of your course including volunteering, societies and working. Have a search for the Sheffield Graduate Award - this is an extra award you can apply for upon graduation to evidence all the extra circular things you’ve done.

The Geography Society at Sheffield is one of the biggest and the best societies at the university with over 400 members from all years! The society is committed to help integrate first years on intro week by offering advice and support but also leading a welcome walk and meet and greets! This support continues throughout the year where we offer academic and careers sessions to pass on pearls of wisdom to you all. We also offer actives and socials for all, starting with the infamous colouring-in social and ending with the annual GeogSoc Ball. In between there are a range of other social and actives like gigs, ice skating, school visits and more! GeogSoc work alongside the department to give you an all round great experience at Sheffield!

image8. The Peak District!
One of the country's most beautiful national parks on your doorstep! Just a few minutes by bus to the world famous climbing routes and great walking and mountain biking trails!

9. Accommodation
The accommodation in first year is great and close to the university campus and local shops, but also set in wooded parkland. Even better, in second and third year you can stay close to the university. Anything from 5 to 30 minutes stroll will get you from your student house to the lecture theatre. You live in some of the nicest areas of the city too, with lovely big houses, good shops, cafes and pubs

10. Friendly staff
Our academic staff are amazing – world leading researchers, brilliant lecturers and really helpful too. They all have office hours to make sure that you can ask them any questions about your modules. From the younger lecturers, laboratory technicians and office staff to the older professors, they have all the time in the world for you when they answer your questions… As long as you make sure that you ask them!

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