Remy Veness

Department of Geography

PhD Candidate

PhD candidate Remy Veness

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Remy Veness
Department of Geography
Geography and Planning Building
Winter Street
S3 7ND

I am interested in the glacial transport of sediment by both ice sheets and mountain glaciers. I use numerical modelling of sediment to observe spatial distributions of deposits and feedbacks that transport pathways have on ice.

I enjoy working on industrial applications of glaciology, which led me to work for Nagra in developing glacially secure geological depositories for nuclear waste. This also motivated my current PhD work in which I am working on the development of a glacial drift prospecting method for deglaciated regions.

Over the years I have been involved with summer and winter field work in the Alps on the Miage Glacier. I have also been involved with collecting data from west Greenland.

Exploring sediment transfer beneath ice sheets from model-data comparisons  encompassing changing ice flow  geometries

My PhD thesis looks to develop a new sub glacial sediment transport model for use at ice sheets scales. My PhD project uses observed indicators of palaeo ice flow, such as drumlins, in conjunction with modelled ice flow in order to quantify sediment transport. My PhD work is primarily undertaken using Python, ArcMap and the University's HPC (Sharc).

Supervisors: Prof Chris Clark, Dr Jeremy Ely.


2017-2018: MSc(Res) Polar and Alpine Change, The University of Sheffield.

2014-2017: BSc Geography, University of Leicester.

Teaching activities

MSc Applied GIS: GEO6016 - Data, Visualization and GIS
MA International Development: International Development Summer Workshops (GIS & Adobe Illustrator)

Professional activities

Grants and Scholarships:
Hossien Farmy Scholarship (PhD + Stipend)
Learned Society Fund (£500)
The Alumni Fund (£500)

Alpine Glaciology Meeting: Innsbruck 2019