Sakariya Haji

Department of Geography

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Sakariya Haji
Department of Geography
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I am an experienced project manager currently enrolled at Sheffield University as a PhD researcher focusing on the role of the diaspora in post conflict reconstruction and state building, including institutional capacity building/enhancing service delivery, mitigating risks and NGO/Diaspora contribution to the rebuilding process.

My previous experience includes working with the Jubbaland and Benadir States of Somalia reconstruction process with focus on institutional/capacity building and improving service delivery in all sectors. Prior to that, I have worked in Marketing, HR and WASH projects in the UK and Sub-Sahara Africa. I am a keen follower of Horn Politics (Changing geopolitical dynamics) in Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti & Eritrea.

The Role of Diaspora in State Building

The role of Diaspora in development is not a new phenomenon and their intervention is considered to be critical to post-crisis recovery. A wealth of research investigating the intervention of the Somali diaspora and their transnational networks recognises their immense influence over the country’s economy, politics and culture. A major signpost of their perceived contribution has been the remittance flows which have outpaced development assistance in the past 20 years. As actors who straddle national boundaries, their role in post conflict reconstruction demonstrates their continued commitment to the rebuilding process and attachment to their country of origin especially at a time when it is emerging from decades old civil war that has largely destroyed government institutions and infrastructure. A review of literature shows that rebuilding key government institutions in the context of aid driven development calls for complete restructuring away from the old dysfunctional paradigm. The new approach advocated by the World Bank and the IOM proposes the intervention of skilled diaspora professionals in the rebuilding process, thus a gap in literature exists. It is in this lacuna that the study aims to address.

Supervisors: Dr Miguel Kanai and Dr Daniel Hammett.


BA Human Resource Management, Loughborough University

MSc Water & Environmental Management, Loughborough University

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Managing Climate Change

Urban Transformations

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Key Speaker:

  • Covid & Conflict: conference on the impact of Covid-19 on Somalia's instability.
  • African Conundrum: AU/Amisom Intervention & Local Resistance
  • Nexus of Failed Projects: EU's Strategic Failure to Train Somali Army.