Teresa (Tete') Mausse

Department of Geography

PhD Candidate


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Teresa (Tete') Mausse
Department of Geography
Geography and Planning Building
Winter Street
S3 7ND

Over the past 20 years, I have progressed from a Bachelors to a Masters in humanities, centred on political and social disciplines. In between my academic pursuits, I enjoyed a productive decade in the FMCG marketing and research field that drew me to stimulating inquisitions of African natural resources, specifically water and its connection to urban and economic -sustainable- development. Since 2021 I have committed to my research and academic interests at the University of Sheffield's Human Geography department.

Informal Water Provision: Enabling or Constraining -Sustainable- Development?

My developing thesis is premised on political and economic ecology explorations in Maputo, Mozambique in an effort to investigate the problem of water access and governance as a critical United Nations Sustainable Development Goal: 6 - Water and Sanitation. The study questions and aims to identify gaps in the realities of informal water provision and governance as it pertains to the site's -sustainable- development. The study is approached from a critical institutionalism conviction. Offering descriptively rich data whilst providing for an opportunity to seldom apply the theory to an urban location and convertibility into informing policy and structural design. The extended case method allows for an extensive and in-depth analyses of a single case to highlight a larger context and potential application. Utilising qualitative and perhaps quantitative primary and secondary data gathering solutions.

Supervisor: Dr Juan Miguel Kanai


2018 - Masters International Relations & Development Studies United States University, Kenya; 2008 - Bachelor of Industrial Sociology & Political Sciences University of Pretoria, South Africa; Former - Trade Category Manager Unilever, Kenya Market; Former - Customer Marketing Manager Unilever, Angola Market; Former - Consumer & Market Research Associate Procter & Gamble, SubSahara Africa

Professional activities

Grantham Scholar Cohort 7; African Studies Association of Africa (ASAA) member