Collaborations and Partnerships

We are committed to producing outstanding research, and for this reason we promote opportunities for collaboration at all levels, both within and outside of the Department. Our staff and postgraduates work closely together to share ideas, and we are regularly involved in multidisciplinary work with colleagues from across the University. Working collaboratively with governmental agencies, policy makers, think tanks, charities, NGO’s and businesses across the globe we are committed to tackling some of the biggest social and environmental issues and problems.

DEFRA and Food Standards Agency

The department has and continues to play a key role in shaping UK food policy and our academics have worked with DEFRA, the UK government department responsible for policy and regulations on environmental, food and rural issues and the Food Standards Agency.

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The department has close ties with the UK’s learned society and professional body for geography. Our academics are particularly active in Research Groups, including the Participatory Geographies Group and also publishing and reviewing for the Societies journals. Many of our students are also trained by the society to act as ambassadors for the subject in the classroom. This year our postgraduate students are hosting The Royal geographical Society Annual Postgraduate Forum Mid-term Conference.

Participatory Geographies Research Group website

Welsh Government

The department is working with the Welsh Government on a number of small area estimation research projects. This will provide the Welsh Government policy makers and analysts with information that is both more spatially detailed and cost-effective than would otherwise be possible.

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Fabian Commission

The Fabian Commission on Food and Poverty brings together experts, as well as those experiencing poverty, to look at the roles of government, civil society and the food industry in increasing the availability and accessibility of sustainable, nutritious food.
The department has recently been working with the Commisison to host events and contribute our expertise in the co-production of knowledge surrounding food security and justice.

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Museums Sheffield

The department has been awarded a grant from the AHRC to work with Museums Sheffield. This project, involving a doctoral student, will explore how museums can be reshaped as ‘centres of curiosity and innovation’, The project involves close collaboration with the School of Architecture.

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Museums Sheffield website

DFID (Department for International Development), OXFAM, Amnesty, WHO, UNICEF, UN-REDD

As part of our international development research group, and the Sheffield Institute for International Development, we are part of a global network of development practitioners.
Our work contributes to and leads debates in areas of sustainable development, citizenship and democratisation, natural resource politics, and the human dimensions of environmental change.

International Development research cluster

Sheffield Institute for International Development