Research projects

Our department is home to a number of funded research projects.


Our current research projects include:

Lead staff member Research associates Project Funder Dates
Prof Grant Bigg Jennifer Ross NW Atlantic iceberg season forecast Ocean Risk Initiative Ongoing
Dr Miguel Kanai Dr Janice Astbury Breathing Infrastructures British Academy Ongoing
Dr Ruth Little

Dr Judith Tsouvalis

Agri-Environmental Governance Post-Brexit ESRC Feb 2019 - Nov 2021
Dr Andrew McGonigle Dr Tom Pering Development of sensors for NASA lunar program NASA Sep 2018 -
Dr Luke Temple   Non-party campaigning and digital technologies BA / Leverhulme Oct 2018 - Apr 2020
Dr Ophélie Véron Prof Jenny Pickerill Is the Alternative City a Just City? Geographies of Race, Class and Gender in Alternative Food Movements    
Prof Peter Jackson Dr Matt Watson, Rorie Parsons Plastics: redefining single-use EPSRC 2019 - 2020
Prof Chris Clark Project team PALGLAC: Palaeoglaciological advances to understand Earth's ice sheets ERC 2018 - 2023
Dr Luke Whaley   The politics of believing: understanding how worldviews shape access to land and water in rural Uganda GCRF Jun 2019 - Jun 2021
Prof Frances Cleaver Dr Luke Whaley (PDRA) Hidden Crisis: Unravelling Current Failures for Future Success in Groundwater Supplies NERC / ESRC / DFID Apr 2015 - Mar 2020
Prof Frances Cleaver Brock Bersaglio (PDRA), Dan Brockington Greenmentality: A Political Ecology of the Green Economy in the Global South Research Council of Norway May 2016 - Dec 2020
Prof Frances Cleaver Cristobal Bonelli (PDRA) Transformations to Groundwater Sustainability (T2G2S) NORFACE / EU / ESRC Dec 2018 - Nov 2021
Prof Richard Phillips Dr Nafhesa Ali and Dr Kristina Diprose (PDRAs) Storying Relationships: the stories and practices of young British Pakistani Muslims AHRC May 2019 - Nov 2019
Dr Tom Pering   Degassing at Basaltic Volcanoes: The Multiple Vent Problem Royal Society 2018 -
Dr Tom Pering   Resilience to volcanic hazards in developing countries GCRF 2019 - 2020
Professor Ed Rhodes   NSFGEO-NERC: Latest Pleistocene-Holocene incremental slip record of the Kekerengu-Jordan fault system, Northern South Island, New Zealand NERC 2018-2020

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