PhD students

Current PhD students

  • Joe Molloy (2017 start)
    Cod in the Barents Sea: diet and food web dynamics
  • Sunday Ashua (2017 start)
    The effect of climate variability on maize production in the guinea and rain forest ecological zone of Cross State, Nigeria
  • Ambrose McCarron (2016 start) (Main supervisor)
    The late Quaternary frequency of ice-volcano feedbacks in the NW Pacific
  • Gemma Ives (2016 start) (Joint supervisor)
    Climate history of the Indian Monsoon 1750-1870
  • Zulhan Harahap (2015 start) (Main supervisor)
    Climate change impacts on small islands in North Maluku, Indonesia
  • Hannah Barrett (2014 start) (Joint supervisor)
    Reconstruction of El Nino Southern Oscillation using ships’ log books
  • Roberto Solares Ayala (2013 start) (Second supervisor)
    Data mining and machine learning for environmental modelling and analysis
  • Abigail Marshall (2012 start) (second supervisor)
    Understanding shifts in body size distributions – a comparison of the effects of fishing and climate on North Sea demersal fish
  • Teresa Weimer (2010 start; Part-time) (Joint supervisor)
    Human and physical feedbacks of biomass burning in South Africa

Former PhD students

  • Tom Cropper (2015) (Second supervisor)
    Climate change across the Macaronesian geographical region 1850-2100
  • Shohrab Sarker (2015) (Main Supervisor)
    Environmental change and its impact on migration in Bangladesh
  • Matt Hannaford (2015) (Joint supervisor)
    Consequences of past climate change for state formation and security in southern Africa
  • Jennifer King (2012) Kongsberg Satellite Services (Main supervisor)
    Iceberg and sea ice fluxes through the Fram Strait: remote sensing dectection, variability and climatic modulation
  • Zulfa Asha'ari (2012) Malaysian Government (Main supervisor)
    Ocean atmosphere feedbacks on climate over South East Asia
  • Clare Jones (2010)
    The climatic consequences of ice sheet collapse in the Arctic
  • Take Ikeda (2008)
    Land-sea interaction around Okinawa
  • Alan Condron (2007)
    The role of polar mesocyclones in deep water formation in the northern Atlantic (BAS CASE student)
  • Alexandros Georgiadis (2007)
    Hurricane formation in the southern Carribbean
  • Patricia O'Mahony (2006)
    Modelling interannual variability in the tropical Atlantic (Based at UEA, Norwich)
  • Tiago Silva (2006) BAS CASE student
    Using SAR imagery to monitor the iceberg calving flux from Antarctica
  • Ron Kahana (2005)
    Interactions between the global and Mediterranean thermohaline circulations
  • Kingsley Itiveh (2004)
    Recent changes in the geomorphology of the River Nun system of the Niger delta
  • Sarah Watkins (2003
    Intercomparison between magnetic measurements and model simulations for present day and last glacial maximum circulations of the North Atlantic
  • Rupert Gladstone (2001)
    A modelling and remote sensing study of Antarctic icebergs
  • Itsuki Handoh (2001)
    Oceanic upwelling through the evolution of the Atlantic basin
  • Isabel Trigo (2000)
    A climatology of cyclones in the Mediterranean region
  • Matthew Watts (1999)
    Lagrangian modelling of the marine nitrogen and sulphur cycles
  • Stephen Dye (1999)
    A century of variability of flow through the Faroe-Shetland Channel
  • Judith Murphy (1997)
    Entry of Weddell Sea Deep Water to the Argentine Basin: pathways and controls
  • Julie Harold (1997)
    Characteristics of polar mesocyclones over the northeast Atlantic
  • Emma Young (1996)
    Environmental influences of bivalve recruitment in the Wash
  • Martin Wadley (1993)
    Modelling the bottom water circulation in the Vema Channel
  • Timothy Grose (1992)
    Analysis of theoretical and observational techniques using the Fine Resolution Antarctic Model
  • Marc Chippindale (1991)
    Deep ocean circulation near the Charlie Gibbs Fracture Zone