Dr Tom Pering

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Dr Pering is an avid science communicator, recently video blogging on his recent trip to study Masaya volcano, Nicaragua.


Tom Pering joined the department as a Teaching Associate in July 2016. He obtained his BSc in Physical Geography at the University of Reading in 2010. Following this he moved to Lancaster University where he completed a MSc course in Volcanology and Geological Hazards. He undertook his PhD at the University of Sheffield with thesis titled "Bubbles in Basalts: Measuring and Modelling Basaltic Degassing", completed in 2015.


My research revolves around the measurement of sulphur dioxide, using ultra violet cameras, and modelling via computational fluid dynamics and laboratory analogues of a variety of degassing modes from basaltic magmas, including: passive, strombolian, and lava fountaining. Within this I am particularly interested in applying low-cost alternatives to previously expensive methods. In particular, I use low-cost computing platforms such as the Raspberry Pi.


Tom currently teaches on:

• GEO113 – Introduction to Physical Geography (Atmospheres, Geology, and Volcanology)
• GEO116 – Introduction to Geographical Methods (Statistics)
• GEO117 – New Horizons in Geography
• GEO120 – Information and Communication Skills for Geographers
• GEO248 – Research Design for Geography and Environmental Science
• GEO249 – Physical Geography Fieldclass (Spain)
• GEO256 – Statistical Analysis for Geography and Environmental Science
• GEO356 – Geographical Research Project
• GEO382 – Landscape Development and Tectonic Processes

And has experience teaching:

• GEO249 – Physical Geography Fieldclass (Blencathra)
• GEO385 – Planetary Geosciences
• GEO394 – Natural and Environmental Hazards


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