PhD students

Current PhD students

  • Anna Gawlewicz ERC (Nov 2010-present)
    Lived experience: the transmission of attitudes towards difference
  • Kasia Narkowicz ERC (Sept 2010-present)
    Spaces of conflict: a case study of group tensions in Warsaw
  • Ying Nan China Scholarship Council (Sept 2010-present)
    Religion and tourism in Tibet
  • Jennifer Brown ESRC (1+3) (Sept. 2008–present)
    A Home from Home? (De)constructing conceptualisations of home in experiences of transnational Polish migrant families in Manchester

Former PhD students

  • Rosa Mas Giralt (2011)
    Latin American families in the north of England and their diverse childhoods
  • Matthew Higgs (2010)
    Consuming Futures: exploring the role and meaning of alcohol within the spaces of higher education
  • Nancy Worth (2010)
    Transition spaces: Intersections of youth, identity and visual impairment
  • Peter Hemming (2009)
    School life, faith and culture: exploring religion and spirituality in children's everyday spaces
  • Chrissy Buse (2009)
    Silver surfers: older people’s use of the internet
  • Olivia Stevenson (2008)
    From public policy to family practices: A study of children and their families’ use of information and communication technology (ICTs)
  • Emma Rawlins (2008)
    Bodyspace: A study of childhood obesity discourse
  • Julia Keenan (2006)
    The governance of health through risk: Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia in Sheffield
  • Myles Balfe (2006)
    Personal geographies of diabetes
  • Charlotte Kenten (2005)
    Geographies of marginalised identities in non-metropolitan spaces
  • Ben Anderson (2004)
    A principle of hope: listening/hearing practices and everyday life
  • Camilla Bassi (2003)
    Asian gay counter hegemonic negotiations of Birmingham’s pink pound territory
  • Kathryn Morris-Roberts (2003)
    Individuality and (dis)identification in young women's friendship groups at school
  • Robert Vanderbeck (2002)
    Constructions of traveller young people: discourse practice, and power in contemporary Britain
  • Janet Elsden (2005)
    The lived body: experiences of ability and disability
  • Rachel Pennant (nee Burrows) (2001)
    Embodied identities : geographies of food, exercise and racialised masculinities
  • Tomasz Jozef Delph-Janiurek (2000)
    Language and the (re)production of gendered and sexualised space
  • Francine Watkins (1998)
    Imaginings of 'community' : contested social relations in an English rural village