GLI Team head for Geneva

A group of 8 students head to Geneva in mid-March to learn first-hand about the workings of the International Labour Organization where they will attend meetings with Academic Lead Jason Heyes.

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Collaborating to support poverty alleviation

Collaborating to support poverty alleviation

The Tanzania Field Centre is a joint SIDshare venture with Kilimanjaro Environmental Development Association (KEDA) and Community Economic Development Empowerment (CEDE).

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Research experience for undergraduate students

We are inviting applications to the GLOSS Research Associate Scheme. Alongside funding for students, GLOSS offers additional funding for academic staff who wish to visit the student in the field.

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GLOSS provides undergraduate and postgraduate students from the Faculty of Social Sciences with a pioneering range of international opportunities. Students can engage with international policy; pursue international research; and take action in the field of international development. Through its initiatives, GLOSS also encourages partnership building with academic staff, external organisations and partners.


Current Opportunities

Find out more about the current global opportunities available to Faculty of Social Sciences students at the University of Sheffield

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