Global Learning Opportunities in the Social Sciences (GLOSS) aims to promote student engagement in global learning. The scheme provides Faculty of Social Sciences students with unique opportunities to understand their courses in an international context, actively engage with international policy makers, stakeholders and partners, and be involved in international research. 

Global Leadership

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Providing undergraduate and taught postgraduate students opportunities to work as fully accredited policy analysts at major global summits

Enabling all students to engage in a student-run social enterprise involved in international development

The Faculty of Social Sciences encourages students to embrace experiences beyond the lecture theatre to become graduates with a highly competitive edge and with experience of working in an international context.

GLOSS is a tangible example of that engagement, alongside the University of Sheffield’s strategic commitment to be innovative in our approaches to internationalisation. We value and encourage an international outlook, and actively promote international opportunities for students to undertake research, volunteering and international experience more broadly.

 “I have studied in two different universities, in two different countries. I have met lawyers from all over the world, and when they found out I was going to the G7 Summit, people went crazy and started messaging me saying, ‘How on earth have you got this opportunity?’ They were completely flabbergasted that it was available, and I said, ‘Well you can do it at the University of Sheffield’.”

Lucy Pedrick, G7 Student Policy Analyst, Global Leadership Initiative

Partnership Building

Through its initiatives, GLOSS also encourages partnership building with academic staff and external organisations at home and abroad. For example:

• The Global Leadership Initiative’s partnership with the Global Policy Journal reinforces our links to cutting-edge analysis on global collective action problems by world class academics and practitioners.

• The Tanzania Field Centre is a joint SIDshare venture in partnership with the Kilimanjaro Environmental Development Association, which will not only create a source of income to support international development projects but will be an essential link for research partnerships between the University of Sheffield and potential African partner universities as well as open the possibility for partnerships with individual researchers and research groups internationally.

Further information

If you would like to discuss further partnership opportunities, please contact GLOSS (gloss@sheffield.ac.uk).