Students from the Faculty of Social Sciences return from the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany with a new understanding of its impact.

 G20 banner 2017

About G20

Held in Hamburg, Germany, this was the 12th G20 meeting and a first for several world leaders, including US President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron.

Set up in the international media centre, the GLI team had firsthand experience of the intense media scrutiny of the event and the impact of the summit in the local community.

The GLI team in Hamburg consisted of George Ashley (Undergradute, East Asian Studies), Lucy Branford-White (PGT, Information School), Professor Hugo Dobson (East Asian Studies), Remi Edwards (Undergraduate, Politics), Johanna Greco (Undergraduate, Economics), Emilija Lazarevic (Undergraduate Law), Helia Nazari (Undergraduate Politics),  Henry Poust (PGT, Politics), Joseph Richardson (PGT Politics) and Gregory Stiles (PGR, Politics).

G20 Hamburg 2017 Team of Policy Analysts in Hamburg

Students worked as policy analysts, writing policy briefs and blogs for the Global Policy Journal, pertaining to discussions held at sessions at the summits. The following were first published by the Global Policy Journal.

Policy Briefs: