Hearing Research Group

Bringing together leading experts in physiology, genetics, developmental biology, stem cell biology and computational neuroscience to better understand the auditory system and develop therapeutic interventions for hearing loss.

September 2022 - Festival of the Mind


The aim of the Hearing Research Group at the Festival of the Mind is to deliver a range of activities to communicate the cutting edge auditory research going on at The University of Sheffield with the public. The event will be taking place in September 2022.

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March 2022 - Meeting with collaborators at MRC Harwell

MRC and UoS

The Hearing Research Group attended an important meeting with collaborators at MRC Harwell to discuss the future direction of leading auditory research in the UK.

April 2022 - Dr Johnson was awarded a grant from the Royal National Institute for Deaf People


The grant from the Royal National Institute for Deaf People is allowing Dr Johnson to undertake essential research investigating the links between noise-induced and age-related hearing loss.

2022 - Professor Marcotti was granted the Wellcome Trust Investigator Award

Walter PNG

The grant from the Wellcome trust is allowing Professor Marcotti to identify mechanisms required to control the development, function and ageing of the auditory system, which will pave the way for developing treatments for hearing loss and deafness.