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Bringing together leading experts in physiology, genetics, developmental biology, stem cell biology and computational neuroscience to better understand the auditory system and develop therapeutic interventions for hearing loss.

Joint lab meeting in London - May 2024

London joint lab meeting 2024

The Hearing Research Group took the opportunity to share the cutting-edge research happening at Sheffield with other research groups from Kings College London, Swansea University, Sussex University and the University of Leicester at the biannual joint hearing research lab meeting.

ARO conference in Anaheim, California - February 2024

Poster at ARO
Poster at ARO

The Association for Research in Otolaryngology (ARO) is the largest hearing and balance research event in the world. The Hearing Research Group attended this conference to showcase the research from the team. It was also a good opportunity to meet with current collaborators, alongside making new connections to promote the research ongoing at Sheffield. 

Dr Jing-Yi Jeng secured a fellowship from BBSRC - December 2023

ginny fellowship
Ginny Fellowship

Dr Jing-Yi Jeng was awarded a BBSRC Discovery Fellowship to study how auditory neurons are damaged by noise with age. Congratulations Jing-Yi (Ginny)!

Dr Adam Carlton secured a fellowship from the Wellcome Trust - November 2023

Adam receives Wellcome Trust grant

Dr Adam Carlton has secured a fellowship from the Wellcome Trust to investigate how the cochlear efferent system of the brainstem functions and adapts throughout life. Congratulations Adam!

Most recent paper - September 2023


Supporting cells in the cochlea are essential for hearing, in spite of this, there is little research into the mechanisms contributing to the process.

Find the paper below from the Hearing Research Group which discusses the effects of age-related changes on cochlear supporting cells.

"Age-related changes in P2Y receptor signalling in mouse cochlear supporting cells"