Marcotti Lab

In the Marcotti lab, we use mammalian and zebrafish models to elucidate how the auditory system develops and functions. Our research is also aimed at understanding the cause of deafness and age-related hearing loss and to develop therapeutic approaches to restore hearing.

Lab Members:

Adam Carlton lab photo

Dr Adam Carlton 

Postdoctoral Researcher

I work on various proteins suspected to be involved in the development or maintenance of cochlear hair cell stereocilia to determine if/how their absence influences hearing and hair cell function in mice. My primary experiments are usually fluorescent imaging, electron microscopy and electrophysiology, but the array of techniques we can employ is always expanding.

 Francesca De Faveri lab photo

Dr Francesca De Faveri 

Postdoctoral Researcher

I am interested in the functional development of the mammalian auditory system, mainly using two-photon microscopy, both ex vivo and in vivo.


Andrew O’Connor

Postdoctoral Researcher

The inner hair cells are crucial for normal hearing, and when these cells malfunction this can cause the cells to re-wire, and this coincides with the deterioration of hearing. My research aims to understand whether this re-wiring is beneficial or detrimental.

Ana Amariutei lab photo

Ana E Amariutei

PhD Student

The project that I am working on looks at strategies that can prevent the loss of hearing function or can restore hearing. To do this we are using gene therapy strategies.

Charlie Cranston lab photo

Charlie Cranston 

PhD Student

As we age, there is an accumulation of oxidative stress within the cochlea. My research will investigate the mechanisms by which this oxidative stress can lead to DNA damage, and how this might contribute to age-related hearing loss.

Sarah Hool lab photo

Sarah Hool

PhD Student

My research is focused on how age-related changes within the non-sensory cells of the cochlea could contribute to hair cell deterioration, and thus, age-related hearing loss.

Laila Moushtaq-Kheradmandi lab photo

Laila Moushtaq-Kheradmandi

Research Technician 

I am in charge of the genotyping facility and the day-to-day running of the lab.

Niovi Voulgari

Niovi Voulgari

Research Assistant 

My research project aims to explore the implementation of gene therapy approaches to prevent progressive hearing loss and rescue auditory function.

Past Lab Members:

Dr Fanbo Kong: studying the functional role of calcium sensors in synaptic transmission at adult ribbon synapses.

Dr Anna Underhill: role of myosin 7a in the development and function of the hair cells. 

Dr Hubashia Ganzafar Rizvi: examining the factors that influence the development and maturation of inner hair cells within the cochlea using an in vitro optogenetics approach.

Dr Valeria Zampini
Dr Aenea Hendry
Dr Stephanie Kuhn,
Dr Jennifer Olt
Dr Katherine Hardy
Dr Tanya Bardhan
Dr Tobias Eckrich
Ms Maria Pakendorf
Dr Alison Wood
Dr Oliver Huston