Mustapha Lab

In the Mustapha lab, we are investigating how loud noise and aging affect the survival of the nerve fibres that connect the ear with the brain. Understanding why these nerve fibres become vulnerable, will help us to develop a strategy to prevent hearing loss.

Lab Members:

Linus Conrad lab photo

Dr Linus Conrad

Postdoctoral Researcher

I am studying the development and diversification of spiral ganglion neurons using electrophysiological methods. We are interested in determining the factors that drive these cells to exhibit different patterns of excitability.

Catherine Gennery lab photo

Catherine Gennery

Research Technician

My work involves assisting in lab members' projects through techniques such as genotyping, immunolabeling, and cryosectioning.

Patryk Zarecki

Patryk Zarecki 

Research Associate

My role in the group is to develop, optimize and implement a diverse range of molecular biology techniques. I am specialized in RT-qPCR, protein-protein interactions and microRNA analysis.

Past Lab Members:

Dr Lara De Tomasi

Lara recently left her post-doctorate position in the Mustapha lab and is now working as a Senior Bioassay Scientist at Cellomatics Biosciences Ltd.